camp trout

Partners: Holden, MK, Ryan, Tori

Proposed Use of Ute Indian Reservation Land

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Marker A: Base Camp/Office

The camp base is south of the camp about 2 miles on top of a mountain looking on to the camp site. The camp site is in a neutral position, it is less than 3 miles away from each activity. Making it the best spot for putting campers.

Marker B: Hiking

The hiking spot is north of the camp and right next to the river, making it great for views at the top and also looking down into a valley. We have 3 trails, trail 1 is the easiest, they drop you off at the kyaking parking lot and there is a 2 mile flat trail that brings you back to the camp. Trail 3 is a little more challenging over a shorter distance. Trail 2 is the hardest, you hike the difficulty of the 3rd trail but the length of the 1st trail.

Marker C: Canoeing/Rafting/Kayaking

You take a bus to the Kayaking/rafting drop off (2 miles away) in a canyon, it is the same as the hiking drop off. you start and kayak/raft 4 miles downstream. When you are picked back up by a bus that takes you back to camp (8 miles).

Marker D: <Your Choice from Board>

< You need to identify the location of this activity and include an explanation of how the terrain meets the needs of this activity. >