youth home for ages 7-16 dealing with abusive familys.

Do you live in a abusive enviornment? Do you feel un safe in your home? Have you ever been sent to the hostpital due to something someone else did?

Don't stress it! We have the solution, we will not only provide you with a healthy environment, but also care by professional help if needed. Our social workers, chefs, and nurses are all highly trained and are here to help make your life a lot better! Don't feel like you are in this alone! are staff is here to help. This is not only a place for boys or just girls, are care facilities are for both genders.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is violent or aggressive behaviour within the home. Typically between two spouses or other family members in some cases. Domestic violence can be seen in many cases such as physical, emotional, verbal, economic, and sexual abuse. Domestic violence can take place in all different types of family's except for lone parent. Victims of domestic violence are usually trapped in this vicious cycle due to many reasons like isolation, power, financial reasons, fear, shame, or to protect the children. Although in many cases the children become abused as well.

What is affects does domestic violence have on kids?

Many parents believe that the kids are unaware of what is going on. Although research shows that children see or hear many assaults. Most children who deal with domestic violence, normally deal with being abused. Also violence can affect brain development, and emotional issues such as anxiety, aggression, bullying, phobias, and insomnia.

Is sm;)es the place for you?

if you say yes to all of these things you can apply to the sm;)es program :

  • Under 16 but over 7 years of age (all genders welcome).
  • Live in a abusive home.
  • Being abused or have been abused in the past and need help to prevent it from happening again.
  • Physically hurt due to abusive parents ,uncles ,aunts ,or any family members.
  • Feeling unsafe due to family violence (emotional, physical, sexual, etc.)
  • Violence at home with other family members.
  • Not getting basic needs due to domestic violence.

How can you apply to be in this amazing program?

Don't feel the stress of parents getting mad or angry that you left home! We have great legal assistants to help you stay as long as you need. Also there isn't much of a fee. Ages 7-14 only pay $5.00 to get excepted. Ages 15-16 pay a $10.00 fee to get excepted, also its $5.00 every 4 months. We also help you apply for jobs and good schools. Your stay can vary from a day to as long as you need. If you need to stay 10 years NO problem! as long as you fit the age brackets ( NO exceptions).

Its never to late to get help!

come on down to our home and take a peak...