October 27, 2017

Thank you to all the parents that came for conferences last week! We appreciate the support from our families.

· Reminder of the play, “Peter and the Star Catcher” showing Thursday and Friday night at 7 pm.

· No school next Monday

· Tuesday, October 31st is 6th grade Career Day in the morning

Language Arts/Literacy: This week have been completing our Final Unit 1 Assessment for Language Arts: “Rules to Live By”. Please check with your student to see if they have completed their essay and submitted it on Canvas. Although, we will begin a new unit next week, we still expect all students to complete the essay. Options are to complete the essay after school, before school, and at home. Students can also come and eat lunch in our classroom to get the essay completed. In addition to completing our essay, we have been working on “reading closely” in Literacy, using the article, “A Taste of Sticky Rice, Laos’ National Dish. We have spent quite a bit of time analyzing the impact of words and phrases and supporting their analysis with textual details. Rumor has it that we are going to sample some sticky rice on Friday.

Science: These past weeks in Science, we have been discussing the changes in energy on the molecular level. This involves learning about the three states of matter and a brief description of the characteristics of each state. The students also have learned about the differences in the energy levels at each state and what is happening as molecules move from one state to another.

Math: GCF and LCM, oh my. As some of the math classes work with Greatest Common Factors and Lowest Common Multiples, they are learning that they are often easy to find, but also easy to mix up as they use them in real life word problems. Several other math classes are busy reviewing, multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals.

Personalized Learning - Today we have Junior Achievement Speakers from health sciences careers. They will be speaking to each PL class on jobs in that field. We have also begun a unit on empathy - including what it is, the steps to showing it and why it's important. Look for extra kindness from your student.

In Social Studies we have been looking at early farming society, but now we will see what happens as those farming societies grow into full civilizations. We will use the first great civilization, Mesopotamia, as our example.

We will look at how people in the first civilization grew their food, traded with others, how they lived, and more!

Thank you for your support!

Empower Team

EMPOWERing students through personal inquiry, real-world experiences, and caring environment while challenging students to make a difference in our community.