GT Update News: Edition 9

for Mrs. Anderson's Crew

Fifth Grade

They spent last Thursday editing and revising their Character Analysis Project. They will finalize their projects this week and continue creating pieces to add to their final projects, which they will complete before Thanksgiving. Ask your child to show you their Character Analysis Project in their Google Drive, Unit 1 folder. Below are samples of their graphs they created to help them analyze their chosen characters.

Fourth Grade

IMG 0184
The above video was from the Halloween broadcast:) They have done a superb job creating a new BB Owen Announcement show. They've learned that there is a lot of work and details that go into preparing for the announcements, and that making the it successful is much more than what everyone sees on camera. We will continue to dedicate an hour each week we meet to preparing/organizing the announcement show. However, after Thanksgiving, we will welcome a new unit, Communication.

Third Grade

They completed their final drafts of the artist reports. This week, they'll be creating two-dimensional mosaics using watercolors. They will explore the differences between mediums, especially oil and watercolor.
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