Job Description

Zoologists take care of the many different animals at zoos, they study and take care of  mammals, reptiles, and marine life (there are more I just cant list them all.

Cool Fact

If you are a zoologist then you are not limited to a certain thing.There is a huge variety of possibilities.You could study birds, mammals, fish, whales and many different other catagories of animals (or insects).
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Specifics of what zoologists do

Zoologists can do a wide range of different things that help animals.They can desighn environements for the animals in zoos, they can educate the public about misunderstood animal species, or they could track wildlife populations.Also they could be working on preserving threatened animal habitats.They could also serve as an inspiration to a future generation of zoologists.  
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Education Reguirements

The zoology job market is very competitive, in order to be very sure that you will get the job you want you would need the following. A masters in zoology and wildlife biology,and marine biology. Also you would want a bachelors degree in computer science and statistics (also do something with data modeling) as well as just plain good logic skills

Key facts about this career

In order to be a zoologist you need to have an intense interest for animals as well as a love for them. A zoologist will on average make $57,420 per year, and there is supposed to be a 7%-13%  from 2010 to 2020 an increase of 6%.

Possible Job Providers

Some bussinesss that might hire a zoologist are, US Fish and wildlife service, Audubon, US Geological survey and zoos all around the world.
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