Ben Franklin

By Kira Smith

Who was Ben Franklin?

Ben Franklin was one of the four founding fathers. He signed and helped draft the D.O.I. He grew up in Boston, Massachusetts as the tenth son of a soap and candle maker. Ben Franklin ended up being an apprentice to his half brother James who was a printer. He eventually ran away and started his own printing business. After 1765, he took a patriotic stand in the growing crisis with Great Britain.

What were some of Ben Franklin's most prominent contributions during the Revolutionary War?

He signed all four if the documents related to the Rev. War and helped Draft the D.O.I. He also got the French to help the Patriots fight the British and their supporters.

Where did Ben Franklin grow up?

Ben Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

When was Ben Franklin born? When did he die?

Ben Franklin was born January 17, 1706. He died April 17, 1790.

Why was Ben Franklin most suited to persuade the French to help the colonies?

Ben Franklin was chosen by the Continental Congress to go to France because

no one else had Franklin's experience, eloquence, & accomplishments. His friendship with the French was one of the reasons they agreed to help and support the colonies.

How did Ben Franklin get on the road to politics?

Franklin's adventure with the militia was only the beginning of his long and powerful political career. On October 4, 1748 he was elected to the town council of Philadelphia.

The next year he was appointed a justice of the peace and in May 1751, he was elected to the Pennsylvania assembly.