Bridgit Mendler

Was Bridgit "Ready Or Not" to take the jump ?

Rising Star

Bridgit Mendler started her career when her family moved from Washington DC to somewhere outside of San Francisco, California. She realized that she wanted to be actor when she moved there. After almost six years in of acting she helped co-write a the song of "We can change the world."

Bridgit's Hit's and Awards

Bridgit Mendler music is a upbeat and "dance inflected" music. Bridgit released a album named " Hello my name is..." on October twenty-second 2012. Bridgit song "Hurricane" was released on February twelfth, 2013 was released for radio stations. "Hurricane" the song reached number one Billboard Bubbling Under hot 100. In the United States her album. " Hello my name is..." sold over 300,000 digital copies.

Background of Bridgit

Bridgit was born in Washington DC on December eighteenth,1992. Her family later moved to a town outside of San Francisco, California when she was eight. In 2004 she landed her first role in a movie. When she was thirteen she landed her first acting role as a guest star in General Hospital. She later tried for the role Sonny with a chance but did not get it. Bridget has been in many of Disney's musicals like Lemonade Mouth and Beverly Hills Chihuahua Two.
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