New England's Colony

John Winthrop, Anne Hutchinson, Roger William, the Durians, Tomas Hooker, and King Phillips are some people in the New England's colony

Being a colonist was hard, you had to hunt for your food. It was hard to hunt for your food. It was not like today where we have cars, Walmart and movie theaters. Also, you had to build your homes with very little materials. The food they had were things like deer, rabbit, and anything you could hunt. Some of the jobs people did were trade, and economic activities.

1651: The English Parliament passes the first of the Navigation Acts.

1663: England passes the second and third of the Navigation Acts that regulate colonial trade.

1675: Charles II like his father before him, designates certain privacy councilors.

1677: Louis XIV the French Sun King revokes his grandfather Henry IV Edict of Nantes.

1689:the last century interpretation showing the arrest of governor Andres during Boston brief revolt. New England is a major part of history because the puritans moved their a nd the puritans are a big part of history.

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