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Happy Holidays! Week of 12/19/22

Message from Mrs. LaCamera

Dear Kimball Hill Parents,

As a reminder, this is a short week! Students will have school through Wednesday, December 21st. Wednesday will be our school-wide celebration with our buddy classes! Students can come to school in their festive holiday attire!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season from all of us at Kimball Hill! We are so grateful for your continued support and look forward to having students return to school on Monday, January 9, 2023.

As always, please email me or call the school with any questions or concerns.


Michelle LaCamera

Kimball Hill Principal


Chorus Concert

Our students put on an amazing chorus performance! It is amazing to see such young talent! Thank you to Mrs. Dean for preparing students for this concert! Thank you to our parents for your committment bringing students to early practices. We are so proud of our students!

Holiday Store

A big thank you to all parents who volunteered at our holiday store! Our students were so excited to shop for their loved ones. Thanks to our PTA for running this special event!

Important Dates

  • December 19th- School Spelling Bee 4th-6th Grade

  • December 19th-20th- Cougar Store Visit

  • December 20th- Cougar Rally

  • December 21st- Monthly School-Wide Celebration, Festive Winter Wear
    & Buddy Holiday Activity (if we meet our goal)

  • December 22nd- January 6th Winter Break- NO SCHOOL

  • January 11th- 1/2 Day of School for full day classes- Students dismissed early (NO SCHOOL ECDEC & 1/2 DAY KINDERGARTEN)

  • January 16th- Holiday- No School

  • January 17th- Institute Day- No School

Talent Show

As a reminder, the Talent Show tryout form is due by December 21st to the PTA. Please direct ALL questions to the PTA at

Click on the PDF for more details. This flyer went home with all students. Thank you to the PTA for coordinating this event again!

RM Cheer & Football Information- click on PDF for details

RM Winter Reading Fun- click on PDF for details

PTA News

Please support our school PTA and become a member! It is a great way to get involved! You can give as little or as much time as you have! Please email for further information.

Cold Weather- Please ensure students dress appropriately

Students generally go outside for recess every day, so they should dress appropriately for the weather. We are seeing a high number of students still coming to school without jackets and some in shorts. We kindly ask that you talk with your child to ensure they are leaving home with appropriate winter gear. All students are required to go outside for recess. Exceptions are made only when a child brings a doctor's note excusing him/her from outdoor recess.Please see our district-wide outdoor procedures below. If your child is in need of a winter jacket, please send me an email at

  • Staff members provide playground supervision. If students are not following behavior expectations, a staff member will address the behavior with the student(s). Based on the behavior, the child may speak to an administrator.
    Cold weather: Indoor recess is determined based on the following guidelines:

    • If the temperature outside, together with the wind chill, is below 0°F, all students will remain inside for the entire lunch hour.

    • If the temperature outside, together with the wind chill, is between 0°-10°F, the preferred procedure is a rotation of 20 minutes for lunch, a 20-minute outdoor recess, and a 20-minute indoor recess. However, at the principal's discretion, students may be kept inside for the entire lunch hour.

    • If the temperature outside, together with the wind chill, is above 10°F, students will have regular outdoor recess.

  • Warm weather: Students will be outside for recess/PE if the temperature (or heat index) is below 100 degrees. Students will be inside for recess/PE if the temperature (or heat index) is 100 degrees or above.
    Other considerations in which indoor recess is allowed include the condition of the playground and the presence of precipitation.

En espanol Recess

Los estudiantes generalmente salen al recreo todos los días, por lo que deben vestirse adecuadamente por el clima. Solo se hacen excepciones cuando un niño/a trae una nota del médico que lo excusa del recreo al aire libre.

Los miembros del personal proporcionan supervisión en el patio de recreo. Si los estudiantes no siguen las expectativas de comportamiento, un miembro del personal abordará el comportamiento con el/los estudiante/s. Según el comportamiento, el niño/a será enviado a hablar con un administrador.

Clima frío: El recreo interior se determina según las siguientes pautas:

  • Si la temperatura exterior, junto con la sensación térmica, es inferior a 0°F, todos los estudiantes permanecerán adentro durante toda la hora del almuerzo.

  • Si la temperatura exterior, junto con la sensación térmica, está entre 0°-10° F, el procedimiento preferido es una rotación de 20 minutos para el almuerzo, un recreo al aire libre de 20 minutos y un recreo interior de 20 minutos. Sin embargo, a discreción del director, los estudiantes pueden permanecer adentro durante toda la hora del almuerzo.

  • Si la temperatura exterior, junto con la sensación térmica, es superior a 10°F, los estudiantes tendrán un recreo regular al aire libre.

Tiempo de calor: Los estudiantes estarán afuera para el recreo/PE si la temperatura (o el índice de calor) es inferior a 100 grados. Los estudiantes estarán adentro para el recreo/PE si la temperatura (o el índice de calor) es de 100 grados o más.

Otras consideraciones en las que se permite el recreo interior incluyen la condición del patio de recreo y la presencia de precipitaciones.

Para el recreo en interiores, los estudiantes son supervisados ​​en sus aulas.

  • oor recess, students are supervised in their classrooms.

Contact the Principal

Michelle LaCamera

Kimball Hill School

2905 Meadow Dr.

Rolling Meadows, 60008


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Dual Language Program for Incoming Kindergarten Students 2023-2024

Kimball Hill will have a Kindergarten Dual Language class next year. This will be in addition to our half day monolingual kindergarten. Each year, an additional grade level for a Dual class will be added. Please join us to learn more about Dual Language Programming for potential incoming Kindergarten students. Meetings will be held at Jane Addams on February 2, at Winston Campus on February 9, and Kimball Hill on February 13 at 6:30 in English and 7:30 in Spanish. If you would like to learn more about our Dual Language program, please plan on attending one of these meetings and watch our Dual Language Informational Video.