Where do people live in canada and why?

The majority of people that live in Canada live in Quebec and Ontario. Many people that live in Quebec live there because first of all it is the capital of Canada. The weather in Quebec is amazing, they have warm/humid summers and cold/windy winters. The city in Quebec is mostly based on transportation, tourism, the service sector and defense. Meanwhile Ontario lines the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence river, because of this transportation and source of food and easy to reach. For example 80% of Ontarians get there drinking water from lakes and rivers. The weather Ontario is pleasant in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. The summer temperatures can reach up to 86 degrees f , while the winters can sink below -40 degrees f.

Quebec's Independence Movement

Quebec wants independence from Canada, these are the reasons why. In Quebec many people don't feel a connection with the people outside of Quebec. They don't feel connected because all of the people in Quebec speak a different language than the rest of the people in Canada. The citizens of Quebec feel like they are a whole different country, so if they already feel like a different country why not just make it official. I think Quebec could make it as an independent country because they have many natural resources to trade with other countries. They have many trade routes like the Atlantic ocean and the Hudson bay.

Environmental Issues in Canada

There is many environmental issues in Canada, especially in the great lakes, The Canadian Shield, and over extraction of timber. These are all causing harm to the environment. The acid rain in the great lakes are killing forests and aquatic life. The mining in the Canadian shield damages/ruins the environment around it. Also when people mine, they release sulfur dioxide into the air and that is the cause of acid rain, loss of vegetation, and the killing of aquatic life. Next timber is usually the main resource that is used in the economy. Trees provide oxygen, that we obviously need to survive, make paper, ext. Without trees/ timber many awful things will happen like deforestation, loss in wildlife, erosion, and loss in quality of water. All of these things, in my opinion need to stop. They are destroying the environment.