Pre Sports

Jackie Sosa Per:4

Pre Sports

Pre sports is getting you ready for athletics in 7th grade. So that you can be prepared for the sports you want to take next year.


  1. Respectful
  2. Honest
  3. Participate
  4. Be there in time

Health Day,lockers,and dress out.

  1. Health day is every Friday,you don't have to dress our that day.
  2. Lockers,you will be able to chose your own locker.When you chose a locker you could buy a lock so no one can steal anything from your locker.
  3. Dress out,you have to dress out everyday except Friday's,unless the coach tells you not to dress out.You change into your gym clothes and put your regular clothes in the locker.You will have to bring your clothes to wash every Friday.


You'll be graded on bringing your clothes, wearing them during gym class,and participating in what we do.