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February 2016

I hope everyone enjoyed their unexpected January winter break. Below are a few tweets that hopefully give you a positive boost to a great week ahead.
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Creating White Boards with your Technology...

During ETMs, a new tool has been shared (Classflow via BCPS One, Instructional Tools). Classflow is an interactive lesson delivery system that increases the depth of student and teacher engagement by providing the collaborative use of classroom devices, digital devices, digital curriculum and assessments for learning.

In less than five (5) minutes you can learn how to use ClassFlow along with your HP and Elmo or docking station to create an instant white board (the advantage to using this technology compared to your white board and marker or chalkboard is everything written can be saved). View this link for the simple steps to get you started.

An alternate option for ClassFlow is using Active Inspire. This is nice because you can write/annotate on top of your screen. So if you are showing a Word document or PowerPoint, you can simply write on top of those. Erika and Kevin can quickly show you how to do this.

Digital Reading...we can all (and actually need to) provide this opportunity daily for our students

We know this month and next students will be taking MAP and then in April engaging in PARCC. But, besides preparing for testing, we need to ensure our students are life-long learners. As research indicates the minutes students spend reading equal student achievement. Through intentional time allotted for digital reading, students are invited to learn about current events and areas of interest (Amplify, Katie Muhtaris and Kristin Ziemke).

How are you providing daily opportunities for digital reading? I've shared some resources below, but also visit this Padlet to share what resources you use and how you are doing this.

Follow up to the January 19th Math PD

Homework Assignment: Please reflect on something you learned today and take a picture or send an artifact of a way that you used the information by Friday, February 5. We will be expecting something from everyone who attended and we will compile the information and send it out to everyone after that date. Thanks for sending the picture or artifact to Jean by e-mail with the SUBJECT: JAN. 19 PD ARTIFACT.

MSDE March Madness: Math Webinar Series: Sign up for additional Math PD via MSDE's webinars. Topics include:

  • Using Tech to Support the L-CE Math Classroom
  • Using Close Reading Strategies to Solve Math Word Problems
  • Questioning and Discussion Techniques in the Elementary Math Classroom- Parts 1 & 2
  • What does the PARCC Assessment Ask Students To Do? How can you help your students be better prepared for the test format?

Good to Know

Tues., Feb. 2: MAP meeting, 4 p.m. (email sent to those involved)

Wed., Feb. 3: Grade One ETM

Fri., Feb. 8: BCPS One LMS under maintenance, 10 p.m.-1 a.m.

Mon., Feb. 8: Grade Two ETM

Mon., Feb. 8: New Report Card Distribution Date

Thurs., Fri. 11: PreK/K ETM

Mon. Feb. 15: Schools and Offices Closed for Presidents' Day

Fri., Feb. 19: Final SLO data submitted

Mon., Feb. 22: Interims Due to Office (send home Wed.)

Sites to Bookmark

Panda Press Archive: View all of Jill's publications via our wiki.

BCPS Parent Supports: Great links to share with parents to provide additional support at home

Great Kids!: Another resource for parents for helping to prepare boys and girls for life-long learning

Brain Break: 15 Things to do with Binder Clips

100均のダブルクリップでできる15のコト [DIY] 15 Life Hack things do with binder clip【まとめライフハック動画】バインダークリップ

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