The Neolithic Revolution

By: Ambreyia Luevano

10,000 years ago there was a Revolution and what Revolution means is a widespread change in life for people. Humans largely moved away and they began farming and started settling down. Revolutions didn't happen quickly it happened after thousands of years. The Nomadic people were like people who migrated they moved from place to place fallowing the animals. People and animals still migrated and by migrate I mean seasonal movement of humans and animals. Then When humans settled down they settled in the Fertile Crescent which helped them survive because the mountains were able to block them from people or animals trying to attack them. Not all of the people settled some continued on being Nomadic. People began to settle around 11,000-14,000 years. People didn't just settle in the Fertile Crescent they also began to settle in Egypt, Peru, China, Mexico, and India. People started to farm which started to equalize civilization. People gathered wild plants and continued to hunt for meat to eat. They had to move if their resources ran out because they couldn't eat. People began to cultivate and by cultivate I mean prepare and use land for crops and gardening. people were able to settle down by cultivating plants. People had a large supply of wild grain and let people start to farm and helped them a lot. Women were the first to start the farming because they noticed patterns in the growth of wild plants and learned from there. The men continued to hunt for meat so that they were doing things too. Some of the people abandoned the settlement and continued to hunt and gather. When they farmed they used farming tools and fertilizers that were made from animal poop. One fertilizer they used was pig poop they used others like cows and goats. When people would get done gathering some crops they would store them in pits and buildings. People did use domestication for plants & animals by domestication I mean changing the behavior and traits of plants and animals. People domesticated the wheat by picking the seed that yielded and the way the grain tasted then they would put the seeds up for the next time they planted wheat. There were three areas that farming developed in they were India, Middle East, and China. In India They grew Wheat and Barley, In the Middle East they grew Figs, Lentils, and Rye. Also in China they grew Millet and rice but in America corn, beans, and squash were grown too. The Middle East is an area around Eastern Mediterranean. People started to domesticate animals and domesticate means Tame and it began during the Neolithic Revolution. Around 30,000 years ago Wolves were believed to hunt with humans for large animals like bison. But even though domestication was starting animals were not fully domesticated. The Middle East started to domesticate animals as a food source, and started to raise their own animals such as pigs, cattle, sheep, and goats they were good for peoples protein source and, wool and milk. They also used the bones and horns for needles to make things. The first animals that were domesticated were wolves but then they became dogs because they were domesticated they were first used by the humans for hunting. They first domesticated Farm animals 10,000 years ago. People directed the animals to food and kept all herds close by the humans settlements. The goats and sheep were easy to domesticate because they were small, tame, and they have a well good plant diet. The goats and sheep provided them with wool, hides, milk, and manure. They used the big animals like Ox, Bulls, and Cow to do the heavy work because they were strong. If diseases spread then it was a problem because the animals would get it then spread it to the humans and the diseases were swine flu, and avian flu. Domestication changed the way people lived because instead of hunting, people could farm and raise animals so that they could have a surplus of food and it helped with the growth of cities. The domestication changed society because they helped provide them with things they needed. The cow, bison, and bulls helped them in the fields. The animals did a lot of the hard work and did it a lot quicker then people could have done it which mean't that people could do the easy work like tool making and polition work.
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The domestication of animals