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Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

Ready or not here they come!

  1. Actionable Items. View & Understand the expectations for the first day and first week & Check for your duty.
  2. Weekly Calendar
  3. Coyote Resources- Bell Schedules & Important Dates!
  4. School News- School Store
  5. Calling all Coyotes- Join our various committees! CLUB APPLICATION

Actionable Items

First Day and First Week School Procedures

Report for Duty: Please Check to see if you have duty Semester 1

Staff Semester Duties and Duties Map- All staff members are required to do a morning or afternoon duty 1 semester a school year.

Phone not working?

Email Hannah Hall if your phone does not work. Please make sure the yellow cord is plugged into the jack that marked with a T before emailing her.

Weekly Calendar

WEEK 1: August 13th-19th

Monday August 13th

Intervention Period Lesson- Hand out planners, lesson on Organization will be in your mailbox

1pm- Submit Day One Head Counts by 1pm look for email from Mr. Light

Tuesday August 14th

Intervention Period Lesson- View ATP video (link will be emailed out)

Wednesday August 15th

Intervention Period Lesson- PBIS- Copies will be in your mailbox

2nd Period - High School and Middle School mini-sessions check the schedule

3rd Period- Fire Drill

Thursday August 16th

Intervention period Lesson- Study Skills-Copies in mailbox

2nd Period - High School and Middle School mini-sessions check the schedule

Friday August 17th

Intervention Period lesson-Goal Setting-Copies in your mailbox

2nd Period - High School and Middle School mini-sessions check the schedule

1pm- Submit Day 5 Load Counts look for email from Mr. Light

2pm- Faculty Meeting in the Cafeteria

7pm- Varsity Football Citrus Park Christian pre-season game @ HOME

School Resources

Student Mini Sessions- Please check the schedule!

During the first 3 weeks of school the administrative team, SRO’s, and school counselors will be conducting mini-sessions for our middle school students. These mini-sessions will focus on our H.O.W.L. mission.

High School Mini-Session Schedule

Middle School Mini-Session Schedule

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Big picture

School News

We are getting new lanyards!!

LANYARDS – Attention all staff members! We do have new staff lanyards on the way with our H.O.W.L. Theme, they just have not arrived yet! When they arrive we will place one in your mailbox! We appreciate your patience!

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Coyote Spirit Store

Our Spirit Store will be open a week at a time to ensure delivery of items in a timely manner. Spirit Store Schedule is below:


August 2nd to August 8th

August 10th to August 16th

August 20th to August 24th

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Important Dates and Events

August 20th, 2018

Open House


Calling all Coyotes!


Be you everyday that's the coyote way! Clubs have been revolutionized! Each month we will have a club day, see the attached dates, utilizing the activity schedule. Because we believe in educating the whole child, we provide a wide range of learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. Students who participate in extracurricular activities tend to do better academically. Clubs also give students the opportunity to work with peers and build friendships, develop problem-solving and leadership skills, and learn new things in a fun environment. Please learn more about the many fantastic clubs we can offer and think about what club you would like to sponsor. Please complete the club application by Friday, 8/17/18.

Click here for Club Application

Join our PTSA

Join our SAC Committee

Click here to join or nominate!

Click on the image to enlarge it and learn about what the SAC Committee does

Our First Meeting is September 4th at 6:30

CCMHS Equal Opportunity Partnership Committee

The description is : If you are interested in becoming a member of the CCMHS Equal Opportunity Partnership Committee, please place your name in the line below. Meetings will be held the second Thursday of each month at 2pm.

Click here to join!

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