New York offers fantastic new life!

New colonists enjoy economic success in various markets.

Founded for Profit New York Delivers

Booming Economy

Money to be made in- fishing, lumber, shipping, fur, slaves or farming

Wide array of Natural resources- forests, iron, rivers

Trading available with both Britain and the Iroquois.

Farming Industry in a Position to Excel

Soil is great for multiple kinds of crops including but not limited to- corn, flax, wheat and garden vegetables.

Pre-divided farms are available for easy set-up and access to water*

Growing season is extended, but not miserable, allowing for larger harvests and more profit.

*Must order upon arrival, going fast.

By the Numbers

The average farm in New York is between 50-100 acres, plenty of room to support a family.

In addition most farms boast a House, barn, family yard, and pasture ground for animals.

Politics and Culture Built Around You

Voted Number 1 in Cultural Tolerance*

There is no religious affiliation required to settle, and no oppression to those of atypical groups.

All of this is guaranteed by the "Duke's Law", meaning you are protected by the Crown if any oppressive acts do occur*

*Not really

Political Assurance Backed by the Crown you Trust

As a resident of New York you are guaranteed certain rights(for now) by the British Crown, and there's no need to go to the pesky voting booth or go through complex registration processes because all of the right choices are made for you by hand picked officials working in your best interests.

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