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News update 3rd grade to 6th grade

So What's going on?

3rd Grade

Hello parents, we are really moving on in English. We have now learnt to recognize the vocabulary for classroom items and 12 letter sounds Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Gg Nn Mm Pp Oo Tt Ss. I will be checking the children on these subjects after Hanuaka as well as reviewing capital and small letters, letter sounds and of course writing the letters.

I hope the children are enjoying their books " Don and Dots"? and Bell and Nell the other reading booklet for the high flyers. I am very happy with the children's reading progress, well done 3rd graders. Don't forget to practice with the digital book. Check on the links below for some extra fun in preparation for out next unit.


4th Grade

Hi parents, firstly I wanted to share with you about how happy I am with the English test results, well done 4th graders. We have finished learning about animals and look at the great animals cages we made to finish off the topic (below); I loved it that the children challenged the idea of why the animals were in cages. Our next topic is going to be ______

I have added some links below for some fun practice. I will be focusing on reading and fluency through the next months. Look in this site in ebooks to find great books or just explore, there is so much to see!!:


5th Grade

Hi everyone, we have just finished unit 1 "Homes" and we are now working on the food unit. I am very excited about the unit project, collecting recipes which will be celebrated with a food day at the end of the unit.Each child must have one favorite recipe in English with the ingredients and preparations,don't worry there will be guidelines. This is a graded task, so it is important that each child hands in a recipe. The 5th grade test is now behind us, with excellent results. in the next unit we will be learning present simple and sentence structure and the focus will be on listening activities and reading.

It is important to practice with the digital book, both the course book and the workbook for review and homework check.

6th Grade

Hello parents, I wanted to share and update you about whats happening in class. We are moving in the world of art and learning about famous artists colours and feelings. I will be focusing on reading fluency and writing in this unit. We also have a spelling Bee competition to prepare for, first we will be picking the best spellers in 6th grade and the winners will be moving on the regional competition. Check out spelling city on the school site for extra practice and fun.

I am adding an art site, the level is high but very interesting, I am also adding some extra links for practicing present simple interactively as well as a site for digital reading books, you can choose a book and listen to the story, its great for expanding vocabulary and of course improving your English language skills.


Wishing everyone a wonderful Hanuakka

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