kore or cora

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Persephone is the goddess of spring growth and harvest. As well as the queen of the underworld. She has no powers as a goddess, but she is the reason that the season happens because when she is in the underworld her mom is sad and she wont let plant grow and it is winter. When she is out of the underworld her mom is happy and let plants grow and it is spring and summer. During the winter months, she can be foundin the underworld with hades.


She is the daughter of Zeus and demeter. And she is married to Hades and no children with him. Zagreus and melinoe are form her relationship with zeus. Athena and Aphrodite was her sister.


The story according to which Persephone spent one part of the year in the lower world and another time of the year with the gods above.


she had no weapons. People thought she was nice she was nice. Nobody like the she was fores to be married to Hades


Persephone ate a seed that fores her to marry Hades and have to be with hem 4 mouth out of the year. And Persephone mother was mad so she did not let any flowers grow so it was winter when she was in the under world And her mom was happy when she was not in the underworld so she let flowers grow and that was spring and summer