A Path to Freedom:

The Underground Railroad

How do I escape to freedom?

So you want to escape the peculiar institution ...

Well, the whites are very antsy already because of the past successful slave revolts of Nat Turner and the attempt at slave revolt of Denmark Vesey. Below are descriptions, maps, and pictures designed to help you escape from the Black Belt.

1. You need to know which way is North! To find your way north:

  • Look for moss. It grows on the north side of trees
  • Look for the big and little Dipper. The North star at the tip of the Little Dipper points towards north
  • Look for birds migrating. Birds migrate south in the winter and north in the warmer months.

2. You need to know how to avoid slave catchers and dogs! To do this, you need to:

  • Travel by rivers! Dogs can't track the scents of the water.
  • Travel at night! Slave owners are asleep, and you can't be seen by the overseers.

3. You need to know who is out there to assist you! Assistance is key in escaping slavery:

  • Befriend Darkies: they are your friends who will help you get to the North.
  • Find, locate, and utilize the Underground Railroad.
  • Go to stationmasters. Their homes are refuges you can go to and feel protected. They have secret rooms made just for you, so slave capturers do not catch you.

4. You need a legitimate route to freedom.

  • If you are a slave in North Carolina, then you need to follow the Appalachian Mountains up north past the Virginias, through Pennsylvania, through New York, and finally to Canada. You can get an idea of what we are talking about by following the map below.

5. Avoid the flogging- get to jogging!

I advise you to carefully plan your escape and use your resources we gave you accordingly.