Newsletter-Jan. 18-22, 2016

Mrs. Wells

Spelling City

Please note users/passwords for your child to access work in Spelling City. I thought I would leave this graphic up one more week.

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Please visit my webpage for more information-

Look under the NEWSLETTER tab to find "view" or "downloads" of the spelling word list, the spelling dictation sentences, the xtra math pins, the RAZ kids login cards, AND Spelling City users and passwords.

For xtra math website, students use my email:, then use the pin number from the download.

A note from Mrs. Wells

Students were given a copy of two letters yesterday. One from President Obama and another from Governor Greg Abbott. Both letters were in response to our "Green Day Energy Event." I will also make them as a download next week in case they didn't make it home. We are framing the original letters and plan to hang them in our library. It is exciting when leaders of our country and state respond to our students.

Our trickster tales are almost ready. We are planning a storytelling week soon. As the schedule becomes finalized, I'll let you know. We are still about 2 weeks away from that date.

Math Homework

1. Minimum of 20 problems completed with 70% accuracy on Prodigy. I've uploaded the following lessons:

* classify angles as acute, right, or obtuse

* rounding 4 digit numbers to hundreds

*filling in numbers on a number line

*add 3 digit numbers with regrouping

2. Do at least ONE session of extra math (multiplication). Students are forgetting to practice their facts...remind them to work on xtra math. Mrs. Reim is taking grades on their practice.

3. Mrs. Reim gave students paper copies of work as well on Friday. I scanned them so they are accessible from the download page on my website. (just in case they forgot to bring them home). They can view the worksheets and write answers on notebook paper if a printer isn't available.


1. Complete one RAZ story from their book room that is read orally and tested with the score of 70% or higher. Please encourage your child to go back and look for the answers to the questions.


Unit 17

Another lesson focusing on homonyms. When studying, help your child understand the different meaning between the words.

I have also assigned lessons in Spelling City to help them practice. Usernames and passwords are viewable as a download on the website and at the top of this page.

Social Studies

Final touches on trickster tales this week adding illustrations.


Beginning our study on ecology by focusing on our schoolyard.