Grade 2A Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 4 Easter Term: 1st-5th February 2016

Thank you for supporting our HUM day last Friday. We had a fun time celebrating the election of our new House Captains and HUGs.

Swimming Message

Most classes stop swimming after CNY, (reverting to Land PE). We will return to our swimming programme on the week starting 4th April, with the exception of the following classes who will be swimming after CNY:

G5PMc Monday 2.00pm

G1AMc Wednesday 11.20am

G6NCo Wednesday 1.00pm

G3 KHa Wednesday 8.20am

G4JKa Wednesday 2.00pm

G2A RMu Thursday 11.20am

G5SGe Thursday 1.00pm


This week in IPC we have studied plants and learned what characteristics every plant has. We have carefully sketched water plants and land plants, labelled them and discussed what similarities and differences we could see. Ask your child if a plant can grow fruit if it does not have flowers? Find out the other 3 features that all plants have.

We have also looked at fish and learned about their features and how they have adapted to survive in the sea or ocean.

After the holiday, we will be practising our science skills further by coming up with fair tests to investigate how fish move best.

Language Arts

We have come to the end of our Poetry focus. This week the children were encouraged to incorporate the features of poetry we have studied in their own poems. They were asked to look closely at an image of an animal of their choice and create a poem. One of our key teaching points was that poets choose their words carefully, so thoughtful word choice was encouraged.

Our next focus is 'All About Books' so in reading we have been focusing on the organisational structure of non-fiction books. We have immersed the children in texts linked to our IPC topic and encouraged them to, ''think like authors.' We have been posing questions such as, "Why did the author decide to organise the information in this way?" This will help them for after Chinese New Year when the children are going to write their own all about books.

We need the children to be 'experts' on a topic, ideally an animal. Over the holidays, we would like the children to choose an animal and find out as much as they can about it, such as where it lives, what it eats etc. We do not need the children to record their findings, simply know a lot about an animal of their choice. Over the following weeks, the children will be writing their own all about books. They simply need to be able to verbally retell facts about their animal.

In spelling we have been focusing on the impact of prefixes on a root word. We noticed that a lot of prefixes make a word negative, such as healthy becomes unhealthy. Next we are moving on to homophones, our key focus will be their, they're and there but we will also be researching other homophones. We will be playing homophone bingo and other games to make this a fun topic for the children.


This week the children began solving two step problems. They have been following the RUCSAC (Read, Underline, Choose, Solve, Answer, Check) and bar model method to understand that each problem has two steps. They have been taught to recognise when it has two steps, breaking it down into two single problems. Following this, they then focus on each step at a time, drawing a bar model for each step.

Most of the problems the children have been solving require them to use a different bar model for each step. You can support your child by asking them, what is the appropriate model to use? Find the whole from two parts (part, part, whole - addition), find one part, from the whole and one part (part, part, whole - subtraction) or the comparison (using more or less).

There is a fantastic app 'thinking blocks', you can also use it through the website to play on the computer. We use it in class, it is used as a different approach that aids understanding. Please make sure your children is only on the addition and subtraction section.

The children have also worked on their mental maths practicing their multiplication and division rapid recall for the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10's tables. As well as doubles and number bonds to 1000.

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Parent Maths Workshop a Great Success!

The Grade 2A Model Method Workshop conducted by Mrs Lina Chua was well attended by 35 enthusiastic parents. This workshop is designed to help parents understand the use of the model method so that parents can guide the children with confidence.

Mrs Chua explained what model method is all about and how it helps children solve mathematics problems effectively and efficiently. Reasons for the use of model method were being shared. One of the key features in Singapore Mathematics is the use of the spiral approach to help children conceptualise the topics learnt. If the children are familiar with model drawing now, this skill will serve them well when they progress to higher grades when they are required to solve complex word problems. Models which act as visual aids will allow them to derive to the solutions quicker. At the workshop, the parents tried drawing two types of models – Part Whole Model and Comparison Model.

We hope to inculcate a love for learning Mathematics. An informative hand-out along with a card on “Ways a Parent Can Help with Math” that could be very useful at home were given to the parents. Lastly, a huge thanks to the parents who attended this workshop.

Home Learning

We currently have access to a Maths learning website. We will be encouraging the children to use the site, as appropriate, to improve their skills.

Username: sjii

Password: cubic

Maths: Please complete the pages provided to you, please complete in pencil and use a ruler when drawing straight lines.

Spelling: Please complete the spelling sheet and remember to complete one spelling activity on Thursday. Please do this in your Home Learning book and remember to write and underline the title.

Remember to join ALL handwriting.

Handwriting: Please see your child's Home Learning Notebook for the joined up letters practice page using pencil.

Reading: Remember to read with an adult for 10-20 minutes each night. Practise re-telling the main points in the text.

Remember to record all reading books in the reading log found in the back of your organiser.

Upcoming events

15th February: ECAs commence

19th February: Chinese New Year dress up day

25th February: Global Family Festival

7th March: Trip to S.E.A. Aquarium - New cost $30.

8th March: Sports Day

Change of Date: Sports Day

Grade 2 /3 Sports Day will now be Tuesday 8th March.