Siddhartha Gautama

By Corjay Nelson

Siddhartha Gautama

Born: 563 BC, Lumbini, Nepal

Died: 483 BC, Kushinagar, India

His teachings has spread across Asia to be the core beliefs of the world's most influential religions, Buddhism. Gautama's early years is known mostly through various religious writings and literature. According to tradition, Gautama mother dreamed that a radiant white elephant descended to her from heaven. Signs such as prophet to predict that the boy would someday growing up to be a wandering holy man. To prevent that in hopes of his son one day becoming a ruler Gautama's father kept him in the family's places, surrounded by comfort and luxury. In age 16, Gautama's married a beautiful woman and enjoyed a happy life. 13 years later his life has changed. One day he went on a ride beyond the palace gardens seeing an old man. On following rides, he also see a sick man and a dead body. He soon then bade farewell to his family and leave the palace to never return. He went out to discover "the realm of life where there is neither suffering nor death."

He wandered for years seeking answers from Hindu scholars and holy men whose ideas failed to satisfy him. He fasted and meditated in some point he take a seat under a giant tree in stay there until he understood the mystery of life. Throughout the night, legend tells, evil spirits tempted him to give up his meditations but he fended them off. When he rose, he believed he understood the cause and cure for suffering and sorrow. He was no longer Gautama; he had become Buddha, or "Enlightened One."

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