Television Commercials

Profile of an Audiance

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Cutthroat Kitchen - Humble Pie

Cutthroat Kitchen is a Reality TV competition where unlike most cooking competitions, other than being a good chef, they need to be able to adapt and outwit other chefs for a prize of $25,000.

Travelocity - "Cafe"
UnitedHealthcare | Pool Vault :30
Why Fans Love Premier Protein (CTA)
Mommy and Daughter duo in Cheerios Commercial
2016 Kia Sedona Minivan – IIHS Top Safety Pick – “The Best” Commercial

Commercial Profile

The commercials advertise a travel company, a health insurance, a protein shake, a healthy kids cereal, and a safe minivan, respectively. The sponsors likely see the audience of this show to be a mom. Being a cooking show and following gender norms the mother is usually the one who cooks, thus are likelier the ones who watch this show. The commercials each are applicable and can seem attractive towards this audience. Mothers are protective of their family and are willing to invest in their safety. Due to this the Kia car is advertised as it was the top safety car along side the Cheerios which is portrayed as a healthy cereal for kids as well as the health insurance company. The third commercial rather than being beneficial to the safety of the family is viewed as a healthy source of protein for moms. To do this the "fans" who are vouching for this drink are all middle aged women who could be of similar age as these mothers who are watching this show. While the first ad, the travel company provides a way for them to either relax or experience a food culture which they can apply to there cooking.
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Deadliest Catch

This is a documentary based TV show which reveals the perils faced by fishermen out at sea. It shows the dangers of the seas and makes people think one more time about the price of the seafood delicacy's.
TV Commercial – “Parent Rescue” | AT&T Digital Life
Havoline ProDS Anthem HD
What it Takes with Lisa Kelly from Ice Road Truckers
Zebco 33 Family: Unspoken
Alaska - Princess Cruises TV Commercial

Commercial Profile

The first two commercials display a product which will guarantee the safety of the home even when away, giving a person total control. The second is a company which produces synthetic oil for the car and are marketing it as something for everyone. The third uses a popular TV Trucker and again markets a synthetic oil but this time targeting almost a hardcore driver. The fourth is a fishing company which is targeting the everyday dad and trying to convey a message of a strong father son relationship. The last one is a cruise company which markets Alaska as this beautiful place while boosting themselves as they are marked as the best cruse in Alaska. These advertisements all share a common audience, the everyday dad. The first commercial places eases at the fingertips of fathers for the protection of the house. The next two take a more western approach and focus on the truck experience which many people have. The fourth ad gives a way for fathers to reach the fatherly son relationship which they all wish to achieve. Finally the last one gives a way for the father to give back to mother by taking a vacation.
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The Pioneer Woman

A DIY Cooking show based around a mom who is living in the country side but still enjoys implementing a wide-variety of cooking styles.
Family Hub: Birthday Party
Travelocity - "Cafe"
Grill Mates Commercial: Flame and Flavor
Live Life Unshelled
UnitedHealthcare | Pool Vault :30

Commercial Profile

These 5 advertisements choose to focus on similar to the first TV show, the stereotypical mom. Because of the same focus and same channel which is producing these shows there are similarities in commercials. The first commercials refrigerator by Samsung gives moms an easier time in the kitchen by adding extra convenience. The travel commercial shows mom the great diverse culture of traveling the world. The third and fourth commercial show off a product which is used in cooking and advertise as it as beneficial to the kitchen. While the last commercial again by United Healthcare similarly displays a way to protect the family.
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The Amazing World of Gumball S4E8

A Cartoon show based on a fish and his friend who often get in trouble but he never learns his lesson.
LEGO DC Comics SuperHeroes Justice League 1HY15 TVC
Mega Bloks - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - New Sets - 30 sec TVC
Kids Foot Locker Commercial 2016 Kevin Hart Borrowed
Minions Interactive Plush Buddies Commercial
LEGOLAND California Resort - "Awesome Awaits" Commercial
Introducing the New Razor Jetts™ TV Commercial!

Commercial Profile

Being a cartoon it is obvious what the target audience is by these sponsors. All of them are aiming to target young kids. As seen in the 2 Lego commercials, the mega blocks commercial, the minion commercial, and the Razor commercial are all toys or places which children can enjoy and would want to have.
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La Liga - Final FC Barcelona vs Granada

This was the last match for Barcelona which if won they would finish first place in the La Liga, the Spanish Soccer League.
Pepsi: Blue Card | Pepsi
Qatar Airways In-Flight Safety Video Starring FC Barcelona
The 100th Running of the Indy 500 ESPN ABC Commercial 2016
Heineken Commercial 2016 Carli Lloyd Soccer Is Here
KFC "Fully Maxed" Soccer Commercial

Commercial Profile

These sponsors all aim to reach the soccer fan audience. Pepsi does this using an everyday guy who got to experience a match real time with players due to drinking Pepsi, which is something that all fans would want to do. The Qatar Airlines commercial was shown to advertise the airline, with these famous members of the Barcelona team who fly using this airline as fans they will follow. The third commercial is slightly broader than just the soccer enthusiasts but can still apply to them, by instead advertising a different sport on the channel it is self advertising to interest these sport fanatics to get into another sport. The Heineken commercial displays how just like soccer brought you guys together Heineken can do the same. Likewise the KFC commercial displays how with this new fully maxed meal you can bring your all to everything.