games and consoles

by nathan olson


gaming is a worldwide e sport with first person shooter games and adventure games in this article. we will be talking about companies such as microsoft and game makers we will also be talking about consoles. i hope you learn something about games ready to begin our journey there are also a lot of world records for games.

Microsoft and Sony

releasing the playstation 4 microsoft made a lot of money and the Xbox one was released shortly after that. Sony and microsoft are rivals so whenever a new console is coming out from Microsoft expect one to come out from Sony. on the old gen consoles such as xbox 360 and playstation 3 such as call of duty black ops 3 below treyarch the makers of black ops 3 had a different company make the xbox 360 game for them. so we can obviously see that treyarch does not care about the xbox 360 or playstation 3.
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some game that are on the Xbox one are not on the playstation 4 or the Xbox 360 and some games on the playstation are not on the Xbox one or playstation 3 when Microsoft or Sony releases a console a whole bunch of game developers make new games and do not put them on the the old gen consoles this is mostly so people end up buying the new consoles. and they make more money. there all also games that sell for more money because they added 2 little thing to the game and make you pay 20 dollars extra
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gaming tournaments

tonomeants is a huge part of gaming belive it or not people can make a lot of money off gaming tournaments. for example one guy has won almost 2 million dollars from video game tournaments and gaming leagues. that is not all people win lots of money from gaming championships as well.
Can Video Games Make You Smarter?


although gaming seems like a bad thing as the video above gaming can help you with a lot of stuff such as vision as seen in the video and people with youtube channels that upload videos can make a lot of money what i am trying to say is gaming is not all that bad. and there are learing games to. and yes some games are violent so just don't play them i got all of my information from youtube hope you learned something new and out journey ends here.


consols are thing such as the xbox360 and playstation 3

a esport is a game that you can excel in strategy and skill

microsoft is the companie that invented the xbox

sony is the companie that invented the play station