Nuclear Fusion Successful!

Nuclear Physicist and Junior Assistant Solve Age-Old Problem

A Long-Awaited Success

Esteemed nuclear physicist Dr. Franklin Brickstone and junior physicist Nicholas Freuyzer have been credited successfully linking "quantum-break" phenomena to muon-catalyzed nuclear fusion. Brickstone Fusions, Dr. Brickstone's lab which specializes in nuclear fusion experiments, had announced 5 years ago that it was partnering with the Beyond-Standard Institute for Quantum Study to break "one of the oldest mysteries of physics", but the details had never been released until now.

Famous Fresh Off The Tree

According to Dr. Brickstone, junior physicist Nicholas Freuyzer was the one who was truly able to link the muons produced by quantum breaking to nuclear fusion. Freuyzer, 21, was a child prodigy who eventually graduated from NMIT at age 19. He works full time at Brickstone Fusions, where his success at obtaining energy from nuclear fusion has earned him the nickname, "Nick Fuze". Freuyzer hopes to continue his research and not let one groundbreaking discovery slow him down.

So, How Does It Work?

Quantum breaking is a process in which strange quarks (Yes, that is their name) are converted into muons. In the Fusion Lab, the muons are placed in a chamber with hydrogen ions, where they act like electrons. Being much heavier, however, they will cause the protons to constantly collide with each other, generating great amounts of energy. Muon-catalyzed nuclear fusion was actually originally proposed in the 21st century, when technology was not sophisticated enough to generate muons on a large scale. This is the exact opposite of an older technique known as nuclear fission, in which uranium atoms were split apart in order to generate energy to heat water.

What Does This Mean For The World?

What makes this so special? Why is this technology better than any other? According to Drs. Brickstone and Freuyzer, the ease of generating muons and protons from most innate matter means that our sources of energy would be nearly limitless. Additionally, quantum breaking and nuclear fusion do not release any from of pollutant into the air, so it would be a clean and limitless energy source. If used properly, this technology could be the panacea for the world energy crisis. Although more research is needed before this technology becomes widely available, both scientists are confident that that dream is less than a year away from becoming a reality.