Principal Weekly Wrap Up

May 16, 2016

OAP Mission Statement:

To provide a collaborative learning community that prepares students for the future.

Want a summary of the smore in 2 minutes or less? Click on the youtube video below:

Principal Weekly Wrap Up | May 23, 2016

My Goals:

To have a safe place for all of us to be able to speak on tough topics and be aware of our own biases with clarity and deep compassion for students, parents, our community and each other.

To get us focused and to bring clarity to our systems by continuing to update our "This is how we do business at Peterson handbook."

Campus Instructional Focus (A.K.A. POP): Our Goal

After an analysis of campus data, we found that faculty and staff need to effectively use PLCs so that students will have clarity as to what they need to know and what they must be able to do with their learning in order to achieve personal growth in all content areas.

Theory of Action:

  • Provide the foundational purpose of the why behind PLCs.

    • Teachers will use PLCs as the primary strategy for improving the instructional culture of Peterson Elementary through:

      • Looking at student and teacher work;

      • Designing quality common formative assessments (CFAs)

      • Reviewing and responding to data.

  • Guiding Questions: What does an authentic and collaborative PLC look like? How does data, student work, and student feedback validate the effectiveness of PLCs? What professional development is needed to ensure that all staff members understand what learning targets, authentic learnings tasks, and collaborative PLCs look like?

    One week at a glance: click link below (this is the word document I usually email out)

    Good evening bus riders...letting go

    In our line of work, we have to decide on a daily basis what to let go off and what to hang onto in order to complete the task or tasks at hand. You heard me mention in March my personal letter to myself regarding setting a goal to no longer be tied to my phone. I had to let go of immediate access to all information. I was spinning out of control constantly having to be tied to a device that on occasion would speak to me and ask, who do I want to text! As I sat on the floor of my room, I thought about a time when devices did not exist, well, at least not the devices we have currently that tie us to information so readily. I noticed what it was doing to me, what it was doing to my family, so, I shut off my emails. At first, it was scary, what if I missed something? What if I failed to respond? What if's consumed me. I made a plan to help me curve my anxiety of missing out on something. The plan of action for my home is the same plan of action for my work. What I am so happy about is not feeling this urge to read emails while driving, I found myself sitting longer and longer at stoplights and stop signs. Once of these days I may put emails back on my phone, however, not until I have a healthier way established to set clear boundaries for myself. It has been two months now since emails have been removed. It has been two months since I have established a positive balance in my life. I feel more alive! That's probably why my dancing has increased at work! What are you holding onto today that is keeping you from feeling alive at work or at home? If you need help in creating a plan to help you balance life and work, please do not hesitate to contact me. Are you on the bus? Rock on, Joy Tremain.

    Current status of campus transformational tasks:

    New Business:

    Teacher Checkout Form and Procedures- Emailed to all staff on May 22, 2106

    Old Business:

    Certified Staff Eportfolio- All certified staff will need to have an eportfolio for the 2016-17 school year. The digital format will be used with T-TESS to help create a scrapbook of your professional goals. Deadline is September 1, 2016. You only need to have the framework completed by September.

    How we do business Handbook- Emailed

    Vision Statement Activity- Process started on May 16, 2016, thank you for your participation

    Assessing PLCs- How are things going within your team?

    Assessing our Mission Statement- We reassessed on May 16, 2016

    Eportfolios- our goal is to have all students with an electronic portfolio.

    Real World example of Reviewing and Responding to Data: Early Literacy

    All campuses have to submit a document to district office reporting DRA for all students in grades K-3. The document must contain MOY and EOY. The purpose is to show growth, which is an expectation to accomplish the Superintendent's goals. I will keep you posted.

    Additional articles...

    Journal Writing- Week 30

    Deliberate Optimism: Can we model what we are asking of our students? Reflective thinking and capturing our thoughts on paper.

    Please join me this week in reflecting on the following question and/or task: One year ago from now, what do you want to be celebrating?

    I will share out my example in next week's smore.

    We are going to celebrate our volunteers by hosting a breakfast on May 31, 2016 7:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m.

    Gallery Walk: Rock Stars of Peterson (Your students are successful because of what you do)

    May 16-20, 2016
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    Shoutout to Marlie Cote and Mack Probst, our students earned two trophies (Division One and Best in Class Recognition) during their performance at Sandy Lake.

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    Thank you to our PE department (Coach Brewer, Coach Nichols and Mr. Dierks) for two weeks of fun-filled activities!

    Review Field Trip Expectations This Week

    Reiterate Being Kind, Respectful and Responsible

    Encourage students to share moments of Kindness received or given

    Next Week: Classroom Party/Assembly

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