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GHMS Newsletter - 12/3/2022

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Important Points for Parents

Message from the Principal

  • Special Shoutout & Honor - One of our teachers were nominated for a big honor as the FSI Teacher of the Week over the entire Southeast Region! We need your help with voting. Look below to find out who and how to help!

  • Reminder - Please make sure you are sending your children to school with a coat or sweatshirt. The temperature is dropping and we will still be going outside for blacktop time during lunch. Of course, for our middle school boys, I would still recommend shorts to go with that sweatshirt or coat! :) Just kidding!

  • Lost & Found - Please make sure your children are checking Lost & Found because it is overflowing again.

  • Angel Tree - Please see the slide for these important event down below.

  • PTO - Please take a look at the new information below from our PTO. They have some new Bulldog gear and spirit night information. If you are interested in signing up to help work the Dawg Pound during lunch, then please sign up using this form.

  • Yearbooks on Sale Now - Be sure to purchase your yearbooks now to try to save some money. $40 if you order before 1/27/23!!! See details below!

  • Cell Phones/Smart Watches - If your student chooses to bring a cell phone or smartwatch to school, it should be turned off and put away.

  • Sick Students - Parents please take a look at this link with some helpful advice if and when your child needs to miss school due to illness.

Huge Honor - FSI Teacher of the Week

FSI Office is recognizing Teachers of the Week on a much larger scale. For 12 weeks, FSI is honoring 10 teachers over the entire southeast region, from Georgia and Tennessee all the way up to Virginia. Each week, everyone gets to vote for their favorite Top 10 teacher that week, and the winner moves on to the Teacher of the Year competition.

Well, it is Week 12, and our very own Mrs. Morrison (6th grade ELA/SS teacher) was nominated for the Top 10 this week! We need your help getting votes for Mrs. Morrison because we want her to win for the week and move on to the Teacher of the Year competition. Mrs. Morrison's dedication and passion for our school and her students are truly inspiring. This honor could not have happened to a more deserving teacher!

Mrs. Morrison has already received a box of goodies for her classroom just for being nominated. If she were to win for her week, then she would receive another larger box of gifts valued at $600, and she would be in the running for Teacher of Year, where she would have the chance to win the grand prize of $5,000 to purchase classroom supplies and a classroom make over!

Voting Starts Sunday, December 4th 2022 and will end Sunday, December 11th.

To Vote - Go to the website and click on "Vote for Top 10 Nominee Here". Remember voting starts Sunday!

Thanks for your help, and we are so proud of Mrs. Morrison!

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Jake Miller Hero Run

Over 250 came out and ran for Jake! When Annaliese was 8, her and her Dad started a nonprofit called the LemonAid Stand to help homeless veterans. Over the years she has raised a lot of money for veterans, and every Christmas her family makes blessing bags and hand them out to those in need.

She has raised $20,000 already this year but Annaliese's team for the run, named The LemonAid Stand, set a lofty goal to raise $50,000 to donate to Veterans Bridge Home in her Dad's name. She personally raised $47,193 and the team hit their goal and raised $51,612. We are so proud of you Annaliese! Check out these awesome pictures.

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Congratulations to our teacher of the month - Mrs. Isenhour!

Congrats to Mrs. Isenhour for being voted as our November Teacher of the Month! Here are some of the sweet things that students said when nominating her! 🙂

She is very nice, always makes my day, and puts a smile on my face. She also is very helpful

Mrs. Isenhour is one of the best teachers anyone could ask for. She is funny and LOVEs pigs and LOVEs her students. Mrs. Isenhour is the absolute best, and she deserves to win teacher of the month.

She is an amazing band teacher and I have learned so much and it's not even close to the end of the school year yet!

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GHMS Boys' Basketball

The 7th grade team lost their season opener to Fort Mill Middle School this past week. It was a hard fought game by both teams.

The 8th grade team won their game against Fort Mill Middle by one point! It was a true nail biter! The boys fought hard and battle back to take the lead with less 2 second to go!

Next week, the boys have a home game on Monday against Indian Land Middle and are away on Thursday at Pleasant Knoll Middle. The 7th grade games will start at 5, and the 8th grade game will start shortly after the 7th grade game ends.

Good Luck Bulldogs!

GHMS Girls' Basketball

In similar fashion, the 7th grade girls' team lost their season opener to Fort Mill Middle School, but the girls never gave up.

The 8th grade girls' team won their game against FMMS! The girls worked hard to maintain their lead for the entire game winning by 8 points.

Next week, the girls are on the road Monday against Indian Land Middle, but are back home on Thursday for their home opener against Pleasant Knoll Middle. The 7th grade games will start at 5, and the 8th grade game will start shortly after the 7th grade game ends.

Good Luck Ladies!

notes From the nurse


With coats and hats come nits and lice. The best way to combat head lice is with knowledge, prevention, and hon­est communication. Anyone who has been in contact with someone with lice can become infested, and having lice is nothing to be embarrassed about. If your child has lice, please contact the school nurse and families that your child has been in contact with so they can be diligent in checking their child’s hair.

Unfortunately, it is becoming harder to treat lice on your own, because the over-the-counter products are 45 – 85% effective; and if you miss one egg in the combing process, the infestation will begin again. Prevention is the key, and this is why it’s very important to ed­ucate your child on the ways to avoid getting them, head-to-head contact being the most common way.


Avoid head-to-head contact while at play, sports, or sleepovers.

Do not share combs, hair accesso­ries, towels, or brushes.

Tightly braid long hair if possible. Long hair does not provide a better en­vironment for lice to live, but long hair is more likely to hang over and come in contact with an infested friend’s hair.

Sprays are available for daily use that will repel lice. They don’t like the smell of the spray. The sprays are sold at Clipper Doodles in Fort Mill and Pediatric Hair Solutions in Pineville. I believe the sprays make a difference and smell like mint, rosemary, or tea tree oil.

Do weekly head checks. Focus on hot spots such as the nape of the neck, behind the ears, and part lines. Unless the infestation is heavy, you are more likely to see nits instead of the live louse.

Purchase ear buds or headphones for your child to use at school for the computer lab and related arts.

Encourage your child to put their coat in their book bag; and if it will not fit, place in a trash bag and hang on the hook in their room.


Lice are most commonly found on the scalp, behind the ears, and near the neckline at the base of the head. Viable eggs are usually ÂĽ of an inch from the scalp. Only 50% of people with head lice experience itching.

Cleaning your House

It is necessary to clean your house after a lice infestation has been discov­ered. Lice can’t live off the human host for more than 8 hours; and because they don’t have feet, they can’t crawl well on smooth surfaces. They can’t jump or fly.
Clean all bed linen and outerwear worn within the last 8 hours in hot water and most importantly dry on high heat for 30 minutes.

Vacuum carpets, floors, mattresses, and furniture where there has been contact within the last 48 hours. Don’t forget the car.

Many items that cannot be placed in the dryer must also be treated. Isolation is the best method for deal­ing with these items, including stuffed animals, pillows, helmets, and head­phones. You should expect these items to be out of commission for at least 48 hours.

All hair accessories need to be placed in zip-lock baggies, put in the freezer for 48 hours, and then washed thoroughly in hot, soapy water.

This only needs to be done once on the day of treatment.

Don’t use pesticide sprays as lice.

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Social Media Help!

Parents, please be sure to have conversations and check in with your students on their social media usage. As we all gather back together, we want to make sure we are treating each other positively. Please check out the flyer below with some helpful tips.
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School Counseling Information!

For more information from your school counselors, please take a look at the Guidance Gazette attached below.

Ms. Lisa Ross - 6th grade

Mrs. Ashley DiMaggio - 7th grade

Mr. Marc Wesseling - 8th grade

Voluntary SC student accident insurance and dental insurance

GHMS Parents,

Please take a minute and complete the two forms below. The first form provides the school with early dismissal, transportation and student pick-up information. The second form provides the school with information if your child would like to walk/bike to and from school. The data from these forms is captured confidentially for the front office at GHMS only. Click on the link to complete.

Early Dismissal, Transportation & Pick-Up Information

Walkers/Bike Rider Permission

Free Tutoring through Discus

Please see below for free tutoring offered by the State through

As we move into the last few months of the school year, some students may find themselves in need of additional academic support. The South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) and the South Carolina State Library (SCSL) are partnering to offer free online tutoring services, provided by, to any student in South Carolina. In addition to tutoring in content areas, students may also drop off papers for review, seek help in test preparation, or ask specific questions about their work. The around-the-clock service is available seven days per week.

Students can access through Discus (students must access it this way – if they just go to if may not work). Every student has a link for Discus on their ClassLink LaunchPad. Elementary students have SC Discus Kids, and middle/ high have SC Discus. See pictures of the icons below.

Corporate PTO Sponsors

We would like to thank all of our PTO Sponsors for their continued commitment and dedication to our students and school! This community is amazing, and it is clear we care about our kids!!!