Brennen Boone

Professional Sleeper

Pictures that move me

10 Descriptive words about me

  • Athletic
  • Genius
  • Towering
  • Energetic (Sometimes)
  • Trustworthy
  • Productive
  • Creative
  • Sympathetic
  • Assertive
  • Video game Player
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More than 95% of the time I will listen to what you have to say.

My hobbies and interests

  • Hanging out with friends
  • I am interested in old cars
  • Playing football
Till' I Collapse (clean)
This song tells someone that I try my best everyday in everything and that I don't give up.
My favorite book would have to be The Hunger Games. My favorite movie would have to be Talladega Nights.

A place that has impacted me

The very church that I go to, the church being Pin Oaks, impacted me a lot since I started going there in February 2013. It has taught me that family and friends are an important part of your life and that you should care for loved ones and help those who are in need.

My biggest influences

The number one person who influences me the most is my dad. He teaches me everyday that I shouldn't give up and motivates me to push myself to the limits everyday. All of my coaches influence me to work harder everyday, no matter how tired I am.


What is my work ethic?

I try mostly to get whatever work I can done.

What are some conflicts I face that make me who I am?

Mostly time and place. With homework, it makes it harder to hangout with my friends. Also patience. I have plenty of it, but sometimes I run out.

What do I fear?

I fear nothing. I push anything that involves fear out of the way or I face it head on.

What brings me joy or happiness?

Knowing that I am able to see most of my friends and family everyday.