What are hurricanes and what creates a hurricane?

A hurricane is a huge storm!

The birth of a hurricane requires at least three conditions.The ocean waters must be warm enough at the surface to put enough heat and moisture into the potential fuel for the thermodynamic engine that a hurricane becomes.

What Happens During a Hurricane

During a Hurricane there is a lot of wind and rain which creates a flood to happen it also destroys a lot .A Hurricane is a internal force because it impacts on the environment by destroying houses ,plants ,vehicles and roads it is also a external force because it impacts on people by destroying there homes.

About hurricanes

Many parts of the world rely on hurricanes for some yearly rainfall and they remove a lot of dead wood.Hurricanes do involve harm full stuff like electircal hazards,carbon monoxide,musculloseletal hazards,heat stress,motor vehicals,hazardous materials,fire,confined spaces and falls but do not envolve dieases.A hurricane can move 10-20 miles per hour.