What Are You Doing This Summer?

How about spending 4 weeks in a different country?

Freeport Noon Rotary Summer Youth Exchange Program

Area students, ages 15-19, have an amazing opportunity to participate in the Freeport Noon Rotary Summer Youth Exchange Program again in 2019. There will be no administrative fees; however, the cost of travel, passport, and spending money are the responsibility of the participating student. Best of all, Freeport Noon Rotary Club 3067 is offering three $1000 stipends to help cover travel expenses!


You will be paired with another student in the country of your choice, and you and that student will spend 4 weeks in each other's home, sharing in each others' culture and family life, and hosted by each student's local Rotary Club. Your family will also have the reciprocal expense of hosting and providing local activities for your host student while he or she visits here.

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In her own words . . .

"Rotary offered me the greatest experience of my life. "

-Sedona Smith, 2018 Summer Youth Exchange Participant

and 2018 Aquin Alumnus

Not only was I given an opportunity to improve my Spanish, but I met so many incredible people and made a new family that I know will welcome me again at any time I would want.

It was also amazing to be able to show someone my own culture and see her improve her English! I couldn’t be more thankful, because Rotary paid the biggest expenses of my trip.

If you want to travel, they will make it happen for you. One month in another country truly is an opportunity that does not come by every day. Beca and I still talk every day, and I miss her so much! I would tell anyone who is considering, that they will not regret the program.

(The 1st photo below is my family, and the 2nd photo below is my other brother who was missing in the 1st picture.)

Preliminary Applications due January 11, 2019

The preliminary application will be used for the interviews that will occur January 15-18, 2019. Please only complete the following on the application.
  1. All of page 3
  2. Questions 4,5 and 6 on page 4
  3. Page 7: Only the top section that requires your legal name and the bottom 'Host Family' section.
  4. Supplementary Page A. Applicant and Parent letter.

When completed, please email or drop off a paper copy to:

Craig Beintema

Stephenson County Health

10 W. Linden

Freeport, IL 61032



What is Rotary?

Locally, the Freeport Rotary Club provides support to Freeport youth by awarding $6000 in college scholarships, the annual donation of dictionaries for all 3rd grade students in our schools, and shoes for children who need them. Every May, our club sends several high school age youth to a leadership development weekend in Oregon, IL. Each summer, we help send 2 or 3 students on a 4-week exchange experience to a foreign country to expose them to other cultures and languages, and promote world understanding.

Rotarians come from many different backgrounds. Many are professionals, business owners or in management, and public service. More recently members have been welcomed from a broad spectrum of occupations including housewives and retirees. The primary qualification is a commitment to high ethical standards and a desire to "Do Good in the World". We invite you to find out more about the Freeport Rotary Club. We meet for lunch on Mondays at noon at the Stephenson County Farm Bureau Building at 210 West Spring Street in Freeport. Visitors are welcome. Call Jen Newendyke at 815-871-2341.