Inglewood Primary School

NEWSLETTER No 36 - 29 November 2018

Our Mission:

Learning to think, to do, to be

Ako ki te whakaaro, ako ki te mahi, ako kia ora ai te mauri

Our Vision: To provide a teaching and learning environment where of those involved: demonstrate respect, expect the best, achieve through opportunity, communicate actively & feel good and safe

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Thank You

"Thank-you." It all starts with a simple smile. It all starts with the person who is serving you at the cafe. The train station. The convenience store. Your Mum or Dad. Brother or sister. Spouse or partner. Work colleague. The attitude of gratitude. Works best with a smile. And when it is spread around. Thank you all who contribute to Inglewood Primary being a fabulous place to learn, play and work within.


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Brooke Gibson

It is with a heavy heart and huge amount of appreciation that we farewell Brooke from fulltime teaching and leadership (at the moment) at Inglewood Primary School. Brooke's contribution to Inglewood Primary School is immense.

Brooke =

B - Brilliant knowledge and learner of all this curriculum and assessment, Bold, Bright, Bubbly and brave

R - Respected renegade, right so many times, rigorous, resilient, reflective and responsible.

O - Organised, orator, opportunistic, observant, outspoken (for the right reasons) and open minded.

O- Outrageous, outstanding leader and educator

K - Kind, kindred spirit, knowledgeable, kooky and kid friendly

E - Energetic, everything to everyone young and not so old, empathetic and experienced.

Brooke wears many hats at IPS - Teacher, Team Leader, Associate Principal, REACH Leader, Assessment Leader, Mutukaroa team member, Sports Coordinator, Netball coach, Production leadership team, and a huge contributor to the corporate life of Inglewood Primary to name a few.

Brooke will be sorely missed by students, families, teachers and the leadership team and we extend a HUGE thank you to her for all her many and varied contribution over her 11 years here.

We are however delighted that Brooke has agreed to accept a Visual Arts Specialist Role for one day a week for the 2019 year ahead. (lucky us).

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Matt Sigurdsson

Sadly we are sharing the news that Mr Matt Sigurdsson is leaving us at the end of this year. Matt joined us mid way through 2017 as a teacher in the Intermediate Team.

Matt has been an active member of the Inglewood Primary School team during the 18 months he has been with us.

Matt has initiated many things in his short time here including; the development of the advanced mountain bike track with a group of keen students, termly trips to the Mangamahoe Mountain Bike track where both young and not so young have enjoyed various challenges, various sports and games including bringing back the game of Ki o rahi, ICT equipment and use within learning opportunities, class dojo, chrome casting etc, streamlining our behaviour tracking with google forms which has saved a few trees, and of course everyone will agree his musical talent was very much a highlight of our 2018 School Production, to mention a few. We will all miss you Matt.

Matt and his family are moving out of Taranaki, we extend a huge thank you to Matt for all he has done in is short time here and wish he and his beautiful family all the very best,


Marcelle Messenger

It is with great pleasure and pride that we officially welcome to the team Whaea Maracelle as a teacher in our Junior Year 1 & 2 classes 2019. Whaea Marcelle can be immensely proud of her achievement in reaching this particular goal. Her natural ability and desire to be a teacher has motivated her to overcome many challenges she has faced throughout her time in training. Marcelle has tremendous strengths in Te Reo and Tikanga Maori, including Performing Arts associated with Kapa Haka. We are truly blessed to have been part of Marcelle's journey to this point and now into the future. Thank you Marcelle for choosing us!
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Mel Zimmerman

We are also delighted to announce Mel Zimmerman will be joining our team here at IPS in 2019. Mel has been working at Coastal School for the past 12 years (time off for having children). Mel has many strengths as a teacher of levels year 0-6, Mel has held responsibilities for PB4LSW, Kapa Haka, Physical Education Te Reo Maori, Literacy, ICT, and Numeracy.

Mel lives in Inglewood and will be teaching one of our Year 1 and 2 classes - we know she will be a huge asset to our team.

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Emma Burleigh

We also are equally delighted to announce Emma Burleigh will be joining us in 2019 also. Emma will be taking Reading Recovery, working with some of our ORS Special Needs students and undertaking some of our assessment work. Emma is currently Deputy Principal of Waitara Central School, where I am sure she will be missed. Welcome Emma.
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2019 Staffing Structure

We are pleased we are now in a position to share with you the staffing for 2019 (we hope, all going well)

Term 1Only - Karen Patterson has won a Sabbatical for Term 1 and is undertaking a study project of Collaborative Leadership within Kahui Ako (communities of learning)

Karen will be back at the beginning of Term 2.


Ben Kershaw - Principal

Vicki Ritchie Associate Principal

Sherry Molloy Associate Principal

Structure of the school 2019 full year teaching teams

Panitahi Team Y0-2

Alice Smith - Team Leader

Taryn Pearce

Marcelle Messenger

Mel Zimmerman

Puke Haupapa Y7-8

Kelly Edwards - Team Leader

Nell Franklin

Vicki Ritchie - Kay Wallace will cover .2 release for Vicki - Associate Principal

Pouakai - Y3 - 4

Andrew Birchler - Team Leader and Within School Teacher for Kahui Ako o Kohanga Moa

Lynda Simpson

Tracy Turner

Waiongana iti - Year 5 - 6

Jules Monckton - Team Leader / ORS Specialist Teacher - Kay Wallace will release Jules for .2 ORS Sp Tchr

Clint Frost

Steph Boyd

Term 1 - Structure

Principal- Ben Kershaw

Associate Principal - Vicki Ritchie

Associate Principal / SENCo - Sherryl Molloy

Karla Gibson .2 ORS Specialist Teacher

Emma Burleigh - Reading Recovery / ORS Specialist Teacher/ Assessment


Week 6-10 - Yes you can, achieve your goals.

Students of the Week

Bell Building Y7 & 8

Jakson Stewart

For his determination and resilience to do the best he possibly can.

Our school roll is currently 342

We welcome to our school this week

Amber Wilks and Kade Allerdice who have joined Inglewood Primary this week.

Happy Birthday

to Matatuhi Martin, Renee Conrick, Dylan Bell, Jaxin Baxter, Journi Manser and Phoenix Petersen who are celebrating their birthday's this week.

2019 Term dates

We can now confirm the 2019 school dates.

We are starting Friday 1 February with our Learning Partnership Day. We held this earlier this year and it was a huge success with positive feedback from families.

We ask that you go on to a link we will share with you Tuesday 18 December, once the 2019 classes are announced on Monday 17.

From the link you will be able to book a time to meet with your child's teacher on the Fri.

We are very thankful to the parents and families who can accommodate coming to an interview and then taking their child home to allow all teachers the day to meet with their student, families separately. If you do require your child to be at school for the day, please let us know.

Week 2 starts Monday 4 February where all students will be together with their respective teachers. Don;t forget that Waitangi Day is Wednesday of that week, and that is a Public Holiday.

Please see below for the term dates - all families will each receive a magnet for their fridge, courtesy of our wonderful Parent Link Team -.

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Inglewood High School Junior Prize Giving

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the Year 9 & 10 prize giving at Inglewood High School. Congratulations to all students who were acknowledged for their achievement and successes.

We are very proud of the the following Inglewood Primary Students;

Year 9 Taranaki Mathematics Association Award - Jakeb Dixon

Inglewood High School Cooking Award - Rebecca Mace

Warren Orr Memorial Award - Riley Armstrong

Excellence in Year 10 Art - Hayley Ngeru

Junior Diploma with Distinction Award - Rebecca Mace

Best All-Round Junior Student Award - Rebecca Mace

Year 9 Distinction and Diligence Awards

Riley Armstrong, Jay Bignell, Ethan Clarke, Libby Collins, Guile Coombe, Jayden Curtis, Jakeb Dixon, Charlotte Drent, Tyler Fleete, Kayla Flowers, Ben Gillett, Nina Goble, Azriella Harland, Chevaun Joyce, Mya McDowall, Shyla Ngapera, Lily Nolly, Mikayla Pearse, Jahquan Ross, Stirling Tibbenham,

Year 10 Distinction and Diligence Awards

Maia Bell, Riley Biesiek, Taine Biesiek, Tyler Conrick, Joshua Dixon, Fynn Elliott, Campbell Franklyn, Maya Goldsworthy, Tom Gush, Emily Hilton, Layla Hoeta, Charlotte Hovell, Amanda Jenkins, Finn Kenny, Keriana Kingi, Kade Langman-Hastie, Rebecca Mace, Zac Mack-McEwen, Jonathan Malmo, Kane Miller, Hayley Ngeru, Hunter Nunes-Vaz, Harlyn Powell, Breearna Rowe, Peyton Stening, Ebony Streat-Peipi, Cody Thompson, Ciaran Watts, Shalyn Williams

Year 10 Junior Diploma

Riley Biesiek, Taine Biesiek, Tyler Conrick, Joshua Dixon, Fynn Elliott, Campbell Franklyn, Maya Goldsworthy, Tom Gush, Layla Hoeta, Charlotte Hovell, Finn Kenny, Keriana Kingi, Kade Langman-Hastie, Rebecca Mace, Zac Mack-McEwen, Kane Miller, Hayley Ngeru, Hunter Nunes-Vaz, Breearna Rowe, Peyton Stening, Cody Thompson, Ciaran Watts, Shalyn Williams


Over the last few weeks, our students have been participating in athletics training at school. This aspect of the health and P.E curriculum concluded last week with our Junior and Senior athletics days. Our placegetters from these events will be recognised at upcoming assemblies.

On Wednesday this week, 80 IPS students represented the school in the annual Town vs Country cluster event.

We performed very well and took a commanding win in the competition. The following students were cluster champs on the day,

Anahera Martin, 10 year girls 100m, High Jump, Long Jump, Discus, 100M, Shot Put

Hannah Williams, 8 Year girls High Jump, Long Jump

Mya Hitchcock 11 Year girls High Jump,

Isaac Morrison- Fonoti, 8 Year boys High Jump, Discus

Zayne O'Carroll 9 Year boys High Jump, 100M

Brayden Neilson 11 Year boys High Jump, Long Jump, Discus, 100M, Shot Put

Kurtis DeBruyn 10 Year boys High Jump

Jake Towning 10 Year boys High Jump, Long Jump

Kaitlyn Antill 11 Year girls Long Jump,

Pypa Ward 13 Year girls Long Jump

Pu-Eta Etimani 9 Year boys Long Jump, Shot Put

Blake McNeice 13 Year boys Long Jump, 100m

Monty Mason 8 Year boys Long Jump, 100M

Matatuhi Martin 12 Year boys Discus, Shot Put

Sean O'Sullivan 13 Year boys Discus, Shot Put

Sam Walker 10 Year boys Discus

Charlotte Bennett 8 Year girls Discus

Jasmine Tamihana 13 Year girls Discus, Shot Put

Shyon Cooper 12 Year boys 100M

Khayne Kingi 8 Year boys Shot Put

Darian Lowcay 10 Year boys Shot Put

Alexis Robinson 8 Year girls Shot Put

Rhianna Chard 11 Year girls Shot Put

Our 3 Year group relay teams all had won as well. Great effort all round and thanks to the parents who supported and helped out on the events.

He also had many placegetters in all events and all competitors should be proud of their efforts.

On Tuesday this week 9 Intermediate students participated in the first ever Taranaki Intermediate Athletic Champs. This event drew 250 Year 7 and 8 students from all over Taranaki to TET Stadium.

All our students performed superbly and students can be pleased with how they competed against some very strong athletes.

Highlights included, Matatuhi Martin 2nd in the Year 8 Shot Put, The Year 8 girls Relay 3rd, Sean O'Sullivan, Matatuhi Martin and Jayden Sands all finishing in the top 6 for Yr 8 Discus, Rhianna Chard 3rd in Year 7 Shot Put and Discus, Brayden Neilson, 1st Year 7 Long jump with a jump of 4.55m, 2nd in the 200m and 4th in the 100m,Shyon Cooper 7th in the Year 8 boys 100m, Pypa Ward 5th in Year 8 200m, 5th in 100m, 6th Long Jump , Jas Tamihana finished in 7th in Year 8 High Jump, and Discus and 5th in Shot Put, Erini Fruean 8th in Year 7 Long Jump

Well done to you all, and with some fantastic talent coming through we could look to an even greater number of students participating in this event next year.

Wanted - Inglewood Christmas Parade

Inglewood Primary are looking for a float/truck or ute and driver for the local Christmas parade. If anyone is able to help, please see the school office.

ParentLink - The Night Market Before Christmas

A reminder that we would love our school families to help contribute to supper for the night market.

Intermediates Team families to bring savouries.

Senior Team families to bring sweet - eg slice and cake.

Middle and Junior Team families to bring sandwich fillings; eggs, sliced ham, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, etc

Please ensure your donations are in to your respective teams Friday morning - thank you.

We look forward to seeing our community come along and sort all their Christmas Shopping with our locally based vendors, while assisting our school with this fundraising venture.

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A fabulous listen - Sir Ken Robinson - esteemed educator

School Production Videos

A copy of the School Production is now available to be purchased from the school office for $10. If you wish to purchase a video of either the Rata Cast or Kowhai Cast production, please bring a USB 16gb drive in an envelope with $10 and which cast you would like.

Year 8 Dinner Dance

Our Year 8 Graduation Dinner Dance is coming up on Friday 7 December. Can parents of Year 8 students please return your RSVP slips if you haven't already.


Size 14-16 dress pants and shirts for our boys to borrow

White flowers to be ready for the 6th of December.

Fern and other flower arrangement greenery to be ready by 6th of December.

Please let Kelly Edwards know if you are able to help:

Sports Information

Weetbix TRYathlon New Plymouth Tuesday 26 March 2019. Please register online at and nominate Inglewood Primary School. Any queries, please see the school office.


Trophies: Please return all End of Year Trophies back to the office as soon as possible.

School Accounts - We appreciate the families who continue to make regular payments on your account. Please ensure all accounts are brought up to date by the end of term.

Absentee Line: When leaving a message it is important for our attendance records that you please leave a reason why your child is away eg; sick, appointment, holiday etc.

Christmas Raffle

Our Christmas Raffle is coming up? Once again there will be a school-wide contest to see which class can bring in the most items. These must be consumable to be counted, nothing expired, no dented tins and nothing opened.

Now for the 3rd week - Everyone to bring a sweet treat of something yummy to eat to put

in our world famous hamper treat!

Term 4 Calendar (This may change on a weekly basis)

Friday 30 November: Panatahi Big Day In

Tuesday 4 December: Senior Team Big Day Out

Thursday 6 December: Pita Pit Lunch Orders due at the office by 11am.

Friday 7 December: Year 8 Dinner Dance Celebration

Wednesday 12 December: REACH 100's Club Celebration Afternoon

Thursday 13 December: Intermediate Big Day Out

Monday 17 December Junior Final Assembly Year 1 - 4 students - 5:30 - 6:30

Tuesday 18 December Service Assembly 2 - 3pm

Tuesday 18 December Thank you afternoon Tea 3:30 - 4:00

Tuesday 18 December Senior Prize Giving Year 5 - 8 Students - 5:30 - 7pm

Wednesday 19 December: Last day of Term 4 - School closes 1200 midday

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Community News

Florist: Please support our local new florist at 121 Rata Street, Inglewood - The Love Bunch Florist. Stephanie Valentine has an amazing range of flowers for bouquets, arrangements, weddings and funerals. Phone 0272879780 or email

Inglewood Food Bank Drive will be held Monday 3 December from 5.30pm. Please listen out for the Christmas music coming around the streets of Inglewood and give generously. Thank you

Parent Help

Parent Help is a non profit organisation supporting parents to build resilient and positive families/whānau. We run a freeconfidential parenting Helpline for parents and caregivers. The Helpline is available from 9am – 9pm, 7 days a week providing advice, support and practical strategies on any parenting challenge.

IPS Clothing

Please click on the link to order directly from our school website or pop into the school office.