"The Ant and the Prariedog"

By: Ben Bybee

Once opon a time their was a prariedog, an ant, and a goose. The goose was a elmentary school teacher, teaching the ant and the prairiedog science class when the recess bell rang. The 2 students ran outside before the goose could catch up, the ant was looking around to see where the wind was coming from when all the sudden the prairiedog said,"look what I did, I dug the depest hole ever!" Right as the prairiedog got done bragging about his accomplishment the goose came outside to see what was all the loud chatter about. As soon as she came outside she saw what had happened and in a worried voice said "what is this?" The ant said,"i'm too small to dig a hole this deep" but the prariedog refused to tell the truth, untill he was brave enough and said,"it was me." the goose was in shock so she asked,"why didn't you tell me earlier?" and he replied,"I knew i did something bad" and the goose replied,"next time just tell me earlier, ok?" with the prariedog nearly crying he said,"ok." Ever since then the all lived happily ever after.

Moral= Always be honest
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