World War 1

Nyasia B.

time line

World war 1 was the war to end all war.New technology more job and more were lost than given.

Fighting in Europe

On June 28 ,1914 archduke Franz Ferdinand next to Austria - Hungary throne was assassinated by a Serbian nationalism.That was the spark of World War one. Soon later Austria- Hungary declared war on Serbia.When Austria -Hungary declared war on Serbia, Russia was worried that the fighting would stop the trade route it had, so on July 30 ,1914 Russia declare war on Austria -Hungary to protect it's trade route .Germany was allied with Austria - Hungary so they told Russia to dismiss it's army.But Russia did not listen.On August 1,1914 Germany declared war on Russia,but Germany was afraid that they would have to fight in two places because Russia was east and Russia ally France was west. Germany ask France was they going to fight on Russia side. France didn't give a clear answer ,so Germany declare war on them on August 3 ,1914.To get to France Germany would need to go thought Belgium.Germany ask Belgium king for permission to cross his country. Belgium said no, so Germany army army invaded Belgium on august 4,1914. Great Britain was a ally of Belgium declared war on Germany. Soon After that every major European country was in the war.