The 1900s

The inventors


In 1908 Max faktor americanized his name to Max factor. When he moved to Los Angeles, he first started selling makeup. His makeup was so fascinating that it wouldn't cake or crack even in studio lights. In 1906 Charles Nessler invented a heavily wired machine that could supplied electrical current to metal rods around which hair strands.Those heavy units were heated while the waving process. This was kept away from the scalp of the complex system. (Page 7)


In the 1920s the cosmetics industry grew rapidly during that time. Advertising the expenditures in radio alone. It went from $390,000 in 1927 to $3.2 million in 1930. Many woman magazines deemed cosmetics improper and they were not willing to print the costmetic advertisments. Its one of the largest sources of advertising revenue. These magazines grew and grew and it started to be really popular. (Page 7)

1900s Cosmetology

The Twentieth Century

The Invention of Motion Pictures

As the viewers saw the pictures of celebrities with flawless complexions.It was coincided with an abrupt shift in american attitudes. In the era was also signaled the extend of industrialization.It was being prosperous in the united states. Most beauty applications began to follow the trends set by celebrities and society figures (Page 6)