6th Grade Physical Education

Periods 6 & 7

Welcome to Week 4!!

Wow! This nine weeks is absolutely flying by! We are just about halfway through it as we enter week 4!
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We are just about to finish up our FitnessGram testing. Once completed, we will then spend the rest of the week working on fitness and trying to improve upon specific areas. I have posted a question on Edmodo that asks students what area(s) of the FitnessGram they would like to improve upon.

At the completion of each test, I have students asking me about their scores and whether or not, they are in the Healthy Fitness Zone. I actually love hearing this as this is the first year that I've had numerous students inquiring about it! :)

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Edmodo Test!

There is currently a quiz/test posted on Edmodo for our class and it is due by Friday. The test covers the Components of Fitness and there is a 60 minute time limit to it; although, it won't take them that long to do. Please remind your child that they have a test to take on there.

Ms. Jennifer Lee

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