by-Rebecca Kent

Facts About Islam

The followers are called Muslims. Islam is a monotheistic religion that is based on the teachings of the prohet muhammed and believes in the god of Abraham. The 5 pillars are sacraments; Shahada-declaration of faith, Sakat-prayer, Zakat-charity, Siyam-fasting, and Hajj-making a pilgrimage to markka. Jerusalem is the home to al-Aqsa Masque and the dome of the rock. Jerusalem is the holy site for Islam. There worship leaders are called Mibar or zulla they read the holy book. The holy book is the Qur'an it contains different chapters in the book. There are 2 different holidays/worship days. There is Ramadan a day when you eat many foods for dinner and Eid al fitr a day with only family and friends you have a big festival with food, colors and lots of music. The one place other than Jerusalem a Mosques is a big place to worship and prayer to Allah there god of Abraham.


They only believe in one god the god of Abramham. They are monotheistic (mono means one).They call there god Allah they worship him and him only.