math tips for subtracting

by eva

math tips for subtracting

this is the problem i will be working with. 300000

you will learn alot of helpful tips here!!!!!!! 234623

now lets first solve the problem! ________

there is the answer !!!!!!!!!!!! 065366

now heres a few tips: if you have a line of zeros dont stop and change each one to ten and then nine. go to the first digit greater than zero make it one less and turn the zeros that you arent using at the moment all to nines. another tip is if you lined up your numbers check yourself if you have in one colum 6-8 alot of time we count up 6 yo 8. but i you have 6 can you put back 8? line up your numbers well. PAY ATTENTION!!! if you dont it might say estimate or somthing but ait you find the exact answer and you fail.