Friday Flash

Friday, April 4, 2014

Coming Up this Week!

4/7: 11-1pm, Manzanita Teachers and Principal visit 5th grade to view teaming

4/7: Common Core Mini-Institute, 4-7pm, (Toller & Morgan)

4/8: Our Executive Officer, Jeanette Hernandez, will visit from 10:30-12:00

4/9: 5th grade planning day (Toller, Wolfe, Brouhard)

4/9: Band and Orchestra to Redwood Heights, 8:45-1pm

4/9: Construction Committee and Interim Housing Committee meeting (Ross, Miller, Toller, Wong, Morgan, Ratto)

4/10: PBIS Team @ Training (Wong, Sullivan, Salvatore, Havenar)

4/10- 10:30-11:15 PACIFIC BOYS Choir performs

4/11: Morgan having picnic on lower field @ 1pm, please keep your students off the lower field at this time.

Hearts: Social Emotional Learning

Lot of thanks this week to….

-Ms. Yolanda and Ms. Jackie who are doing an amazing job of picking up where Ms. Patton left off….feeling so lucky to have these ladies on our team all day!

-Ms. Jacobsen for her flexibility in supporting the SBAC testing the next few weeks and Ms. Wong and Ms. Sullivan for being flexible in their willingness to re-do their schedules to accommodate this unanticipated school need.

-Ms. Ratto, Ms. Morgan, and Mrs. Wong who will serve on the Interim Housing Committee (AKA help us figure out how we are going to manage the Big Move in 2016).

-Ms. Brouhard, Mr. Granda, and Mrs. Havenar who met with the Oakland Literacy Coalition last week to think about next steps for building our literacy libraries in our classrooms.

-Ms. Anderson & Mrs. Ratto who attended the Saturday Regional Local Control Funding goals meeting a few weeks ago representing Glenview

-Ms. Smith who served with her usual grace and humor as Teacher in Charge on Friday while I was out….

-Mr. Bryan and Ms. Sadiqua who have made Ms. Jewel's departure so painless by doing a great job of connecting with us and our students, communicating needs, and collaborating to serve our kids in the afternoons.

- Ms. Erica, Coach Hawaii, Ms. Jacobsen and Ms. Eva who have (hopefully) braved the last of the rainy days of the season and managed over 450 children so the rest of us could eat lunch and take a break on those long wet days.

-Mr. Miller who is voluntarily taking his fierce squad of traffic patrollers on a Saturday ice skating adventure in a few weeks. Those students take their safety very seriously!

-Mrs. Salvatore & Ms. Morgan who wrestle with the laminator so others don't have to…

- Mrs Lewis for her vision in creating the STOMP out Bullying Exhibition. You can see the shows already up around the hallways. The STOP out Bullying Sign coming soon! And for bringing her talented husband to Glenview to share his music with the orchestra!

Glenview Groove- Staff Invited for Free!

Glenview's 4th Annual Groove and Silent Auction - May 3rd

Let me know by 4/15 if you plan to attend the Groove on 5/3. The PTA has offered free tickets for all staff.

This is a huge fundraiser for the school to fund our new copier, the classroom wish lists, our music, art materials, Glitter and Razz, outdoor equipment, field trips, technology, etc.

All of us benefit from this fundraising, so so even if you just want to stop in for a bit that evening, it's an easy way to show support to our parents who work hard to fund our programming!


Free Biomedical Hands on Activities from UC Berkeley-

UC Berkeley's Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) is looking to bring free mini-lectures and hands-on activities to your classroom or after-school program "to help students [in grades K-12] realize the potential of exploring a future studying science and engineering." If your school is interested in hosting Berkeley's BMES for one of these sessions (and/or you want more details), please

Summer School: June 23-July 18

We have 30 spots held for Far below basic/below basic Summer school students from Glenview to attend Bella Vista's summer school program. Students need to be registered by 4/11.

Please email me the names of your students who will benefit from summer school and are able to attend all of the days.

Free Math Festival at Google in Mountain View

• Google's Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival
On Sunday, April 13 in Mountain View, Google will host this festival to "inspire students [in grades 6-12] to explore the richness and beauty of mathematics through activities that encourage collaborative, creative problem-solving." Learn more and register students here (it's free).

Homework Club is Full!

We have 20+ students in the Homework Club. Several of you have asked about adding additional students, but please remember that this is intended for students who cannot get help at home because their parents do not speak English. Although other students may not be finishing their homework, the issue is not related to language so they are not eligible.

Music Demo by ZSharp on Thursday am.

The Music Demo last week in Mr. Granda's class went really well! Mr. Granda's feedback was: "I liked the music teacher a lot. She has good strategies, fun, and engaging. The kids had fun and followed her. She knows how to work with little ones.". We had two parents also observe the lesson and they were equally impressed. I will be moving towards proposing to PTA that we agree to bring on this organization for next year. I was impressed that their lessons are very much common core aligned, they have one educator on site to work with K-3, they have proven experience in the field, and they are 50% less in cost than our current programming due to funding support by grants for their organization.

Leveled Literacy Party in Kindergarten coming soon

Kindergarten will be planning for a class wide leveling party for their books. This will be the first step in moving towards the new Reading model we will be adopting in the next few years. I am excited that Kindergarten is willing to take the lead on this as it will help us to iron on the wrinkles before we grow this into the upper grades.

P.D. This Week: SBAC Training & Library Training

Weds: 2:30-3:30-

We will start together from 2:30-2:45 to do a quick check-in (P-7). PLEASE BE ON TIME!


Grades 3-5: SBAC Training Part 2, Scheduling & Check in With Mr. Miller & Mr. Ross (Stay in P-7)

Grades K-2: Move to P-6 to discuss performance based assessments for math in grades K-2 (Tom & Chelsea to lead). Please talk to Tom if you do not know what these are! You will need to bring the assessments to our meeting.



1) I have submitted a word order for the lower gate at the driveway to be fixed as I know the opening, even when the gate is closed is easy to pass through.

2) Please continue to have parents go through the main entrance and sign in during school hours.

3) I am working on getting gate keys for a few strategic parents who support the after school activities (Soccer, tennis, etc.). This will allow for those activities to set up easier.

4) Help keep ALL external facing doors and gates closed during the day. We are still finding things unlocked and opened.

5) Thanks to the pm front of school yard duties who are ushering students into school who have not been picked up by 3pm.

Find it!

Please ask a student to sweet the yard to pick up sweaters and jackets after recess and lunch! The lost and found gets so full and then we have students without a warm layer coming to school due to lost items not being found.

Yard Duty Reminder

If you are out, please remember to either ask a colleague to cover your yard duty time or be sure to emphasize it in your sub. plans….

The Chromebooks (CB's) ARE HERE!

The chrome books are here!

Kudos to all the upper grade teachers who are jumping right in to have their kids try out the CB's in the classes this last week, negotiating scheduling conflicts, and being patient with the glitches (the lock wouldn't open on one cart and another blew our circuit!) And of course extra thanks to Mr. Miller- we couldn't have made it without your help!

Library Check Out Training-

If you didn't get trained yet on how to check out/in your books, parent Maryanne Berg will be coming around to set up a time with you. I think only Lemon, Wong, Ross, Morgan and Smith are left to be trained?