The Six Servants



The setting takes place some where in Africa or somewhere by the Red Sea. From the reference in the text the Queen made the Prince and his servants find a ring at the bottom of the sea. Around the old queen's house there are several Meadows the text reference the Prince had to eat 300 fat oxen that were located in the meadow. The country has rolling hills he said he had to walk to find one of his servants who was laying down on a hillside.


I think the theme of this fairy tale is that every one has special abilities and sometime that you can use these abilities to your advantage or you can help other people to their advantage.


Queen: she is comes off as a mean old lady but she is just trying to protect her daughter, Princess she shy because she never gets to do anything with other people because of the Queen, Prince is very determined and is pretty smart, the stout one he has a big belly and can eat anything, the listener he can hear anything in the world, tall one he is very tall he is three times taller than the largest mountain, Unknown name that has stuff over his eyes he can look at something and split it into a thousand pieces, unknown name he is cold when it is hot and hot when its cold, long necked man he has shape eyes and can see into any thick forest.


The Queen had task for the Princess mysterious. If they fail the task the Queen then killed them. Many men tried all the task but failed and accomplished nothing. Then one day a Prince heard of the Princess's beauty. The Prince's dad told him not to risk his life for the Princess. The Prince then laid down until death. The Prince laid on his bed until seven years. The father told him to go and try to win the queen over so he could go marry her daughter. On the way he saw several men that could help him with the task and took them along to complete the task's the Queen set for him. The queen set 3 task for the prince to complete he completed all of them and got the princess. After he completed all the task he played a trick on the princess. The prince told her that he was not a prince but a shepherd boy. The princess worked for a week and she couldn't work any longer. So after this the prince went and got the princess and he told her that he was a prince. The princess said okay I deserved it for all the trouble I caused you. They then lived happily ever after.