Supporting Emotional Behavior

Chapter 9

Functional behavior assessment (FBA)

A multi-method problem-solving strategy that identifies the when, where, with whom, and with what the student is most (or least) likely to exhibit a challenging behavior; used to gain information to maximize the efficiency to positive behavioral supports for children who engage in behavior that affects their learning or the learning of others; conducted only after it has been determined that the behavior is serious and unresponsive to typical discipline strategies

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Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) plan

-A plan that includes a description of the challenging behavior and necessary curricular adaptions; developed by the IEP or IFSP team

-The goal of the PBS plan is not only to decrease the occurrence of the challenging behavior, but also to teach new skills or provide the child an alternative means of communicating his or her needs

-May include- positive strategies, program or curricular modification, and supplementary aids and supports required to address the problem behaviors in question

Assistive Technology

Social Stories

  • A social story is a short story that describes a concept, situation, or social skill in a format that is useful to individuals who may face cognitive or language processing challenges.
  • Promotes effective exchanges between communicative partners
  • Accomplished through visual representation of common characteristics likely to occur in social situations
  • Improve social understanding on both sides of the social equation

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