Robert Fulton's Steamship Alert

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American Steamship inventor, civil engineer, and artist, established the first regular and commercially successful steamboat operation.

Why we invented it?

From 1765-1815, the steamship has been perfected over the years. It would allow humankind to increase productivity and create a better material for all. Also, it was enhanced for military purpose. Like carrying weapons, transport, and various other equipment.

Starting Price

The starting price for the Steamship is $150,000. With all the the latest upgrade the price is around $350,000. The upgrades include the engine, the fueling tank, and smoke chute. We are working on new ways to minimize pollution in the air.


In the nineteenth century steam power was used by the industrial nations as tactical weapons. This began to change in 1864, as a result of the Bessemer process. This allowed for the for the quick, inexpensive manufacture of steel.

Frequently asked questions

How fast does it travel?

- 8 knots ( 9 mph).

How many people does it carry?

- It carries around 80-90 people.

Contact Info

Cell: 603-267-0091