The Path of a Multimedia Artist

By: Jacob Lawson


Lately, I've been getting into doing more and more digital art, but had no idea how I could turn it into a career. After this course in my digital literacy class, I figured out where these skills could be put to good use: a multimedia artist!
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Career Research

Daily Tasks

  • Create 3D models and 2D images
  • Create the special effects in movies and TV shows
  • Create the art of video games and other computer graphics.

Work Environment

  • Work regular hours. If a deadline is close, working nights and weekends isn't out of the question.
  • According to the BLS, 57% of multimedia artists and animators are self-employed
  • While most work from home, they might move to an office to work on a larger project, such as a video game or a movie.

Education & Training

In order to be a multimedia artist, at least a bachelor's degree is needed in computer graphics, art, or a similar major.

Preferred Job Skills

  • Artistic Talent
  • Communication Skills
  • Computer Skills

Job Outlook

This career is seen to rise 6% by 2022.

Annual Salary

  • Starting salary is most likely between $35,000 and $40,000
  • The average pay is about $61,000
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High School Preparation


Graphic Design - Graphic design is the main class for digital art, being in it might improve my abilities.

Entrepreneurship - With the statistic that over 50 percent of multimedia artists are self-employed, it might be a good idea to learn to be self-employed.

Extracurricular Activities

I am in, and should probably stay in, computer club. I can use computers and learn some of the computer skills that are preferred for people with this career.

Besides Computer Club, I could join a variety of clubs that interest me. I could work to perfect my communication skills by talking about things I enjoy.

Work Experience

While not necessary, I could set up a little shop online to sell small things (like 3D models or short animations).

Post-Secondary Plans

Since a bachelor's degree, which takes 4 years to obtain, is necessary to become a multimedia artist, a four-year college, or starting from a two-year college and moving to a four year one are probably my best bets.

There are many schools close to here that would allow me to obtain this, such as the school of the Art Institute of Chicago or The Illinois institute of Art, both of which are in Chicago. There are several training programs in the area, but I'm not going to get into detail on those, as I could not find out too much about them.


1. Bill Krypel - Art Teacher at East Leyden High School

2. Amy Gorzynski - Business Education Teacher at East Leyden High School

3. Amy Stolarsky - English Teacher at East Leyden High School

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After completing this project, I learned what my goal could be. And I learned that in order to achieve that goal, I need to take certain steps. Some of these steps I was unaware of, that they were part of becoming something like this, and I'm glad I now know.