Grade One Technolgy

Integration of Technology into the Grade One Curriculum

21st Century Learning

Your child is a 21st Century learner and technology is embedded into his/her everyday life. It is imperative that the school teach the students a variety of Web 2.o tools, apps and websites to use to help prepare them for their future. In Grade one we build on what has been taught in Kindergarten and move from using technology as a way to remember information or practice skills to a way of demonstrating knowledge and thinking. Some of the tools below are incorporated into the program to practice skills and others tools are taught specifically to your child so he/she can apply knowledge and thinking in a different way.

Apps used in Math Class

1.Show me is an app that will allow your child to demonstrate their knowledge and thinking as they complete math tasks. These videos will be saved and posted on your classroom website for your parents to watch.
2. Splash Math is an app that will allow your child to practice addition and subtraction facts to twenty.
3. Jungle Coins is an app that will allow your child to practice learning the amount of each coin and to practice adding coins to make a dollar or cent value.