Supreme Court

Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education


  • Began October 12, 1970 & ended April 20, 1971
  • Vietnam War ( ended 1975)
  • Strong period in fight for equality
  • Nixon was president ( watergate scandal after the court case)
  • Fight against high taxes
  • First Earth Day & Environmental Policy Acts
  • Women fight for social & political rights
  • Anti War movements

Court Case

  • This was the 43rd largest school system in the United States
  • Desegregation was court approved in 1965 but schools were still largely segregated
  • A suit was filed in 1968 and made it to the supreme court in the late 1970
  • A colored person could apply to a school but they were not necessarily accepted
  • Long bus routes were a major issue

Court Ruling

  • Ruling was in favor of Swann
  • Busing routes implanted
  • Integrated U.S. public schools