Jazz dance!

By- Katy Crawford- Coach miller,& mrs. Dack, AA1,1st 9 weeks

How was the genre of jazz dance created?

The genre Jazz was taken from the 1950s, originally taken from African American, and Caribbean culture, but later was turned into many different styles and variations. Hundreds of Jazz technics are used, and ,many have been altered to this modern generation.

I found this info at https://www.princeton.edu/~achaney/tmve/wiki100k/docs/Jazz_dance.html

Is dance still going on today?

Yes! Dance is still going on today! In the 20's it started off as a fun vibrant type of music from Africa, but later in the years past in the 50's it was put on TV and made known world wide. From then on Jazz began to evolve to a new modern style with hundreds of variations and technics, constantly being evolved by the new generations.

Modern jazz instructors and choreographers!

Jazz is a great sport and has evolved into a beautiful type of dance!!

Jazz dance