K-12 Mobile Apps in the Classroom

Frog Dissection

What is it? This is an app in which students can do a virtual frog dissection.

How to use it? This is a great way to prep students for a frog dissection, to use for students who are against the idea of preforming an actual frog dissection or to be used as a review method. I do believe that in the classroom an actual dissection should be preformed at some point during the year. That being said most classes will be graded on a test about what they know to do during a frog dissection. Since we cannot have many days when students actually preform dissections they are able to preform more than one and can review it.

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The Elements

What is it? It is an app that allows students to not only see and use the periodic table but it expands the periodic table. One can click on an element, it will bring up a picture of what the element is and more details about it, for example how many protons and electrons it has.

How to use it? I think this tool will be most beneficial when students are first learning the periodic table. They can use it as a way to memorize and get to know the elements. They can use it to look up what a particular element does and where it is located. As well I think it can be used when introducing formulas. Students will be able to see how the chemicals may interact. I strongly believe this will help kinaesthetic learners as well as visual. It is more than just looking at a table and memorizing everything it can actually help students understand why things are where they are and why elements work the way they do.

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What is it? MathBoard is an app that generates quizzes as well as practice questions for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

How to use it? I believe that this is a great tool for math classes. The difficulty level can be set and it promotes individual work. Since students won't have the same questions it is there job to answer them, though they can still seek help from the teacher or another individual. I also like that there are quizzes on it. Students can write different or the same quizzes and can be marked right away so the teacher can see what is working and going well and what isn't. It is also great because it works for different grades.

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Grammar Up

What is it? Grammar up is an app that allows you to choose a particular grammar area and answer multiple choice questions related to the grammar topic. This app tracks progress so you can see grammar areas of weakness, you can make the questions timed and you can test several areas of grammar at once.

How to use it? I think that this tool would be most beneficial for students who are about to write a term paper or essay. For an English class you can walk through the basic grammar procedures in class and then assign some of these questions to do as homework in order to practice the material. As mentioned above it is also very beneficial for students who don't believe they mastered the concept in class and are about to try and write a paper and want to use proper grammar.

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K12 Money

What is it? K12 money is an app where students learn how to make change in various ways up to $20.

How to use it? I think that not only is this great for math class but also great for teachers who want to set up an online store in their classroom. It teaches basic math skills including addition and subtraction but it also prepares students for real life. They will learn how to make change.