Ancient Egypt

By Neveen and Claudelle

How did healing and Magic affect the daily lives of Ancient Egpytians?

Healing and magic greatly affected the daily lives of ancient Egyptians, both rich and poor.

Ancient Egypt

There was a great range of everyday medical problems faced by ancient Egyptians. These included breathing disorders caused by the sandy desert environment, eye infection caused by swarms of flies and Nile River parasites.

There were a variety of natural and scientific solutions to solving medical issues including bathing daily, sucking poison from the wound, honey for coughs, figs for constipation and thorns to burst blisters.

Some other natural resources used for cures were plants and herbs, for example: The African Violet enhanced love, affection and harmony within a lovers heart and The Cowslip plant strengthened beauty and passion. Food was also another important resource. Some foods that were used were honey, fruit and beans. The ancient Egyptians even bandaged fresh meat around a snake's bite. A magical resource used was spells to drive out evil spirits and magical drinks to heal.

The people who had the responsibilities of the medical roles were doctors, scribes and magicians. Doctor's would utter spells and prescribe magical amulets and medicines. Scribes were people who were able to read and write medical texts and prescriptions. Magicians would work with doctors to put spells on the patients to try to cure them.

Both solutions were believed to be very helpful. Scientific medicines and magic were both believed equally important because ancient Egyptians used a mixture of herbal medicine and magic to cure a patient. Doctors would usually say a spell while putting ointment on a bad cut.

Clearly, healing and magic did affect the ancient Egyptians' daily lives. Both made a great impact in ancient Egypt.


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