Cub Scouts - Pack 18

December 2015 - February 2016

Upcoming Events

  • January 6 - Pack Committee Meeting
  • January 21- District Roundtable
  • January 26 - January Pack Meeting & Pinewood Derby Races
  • February 7 - Scout Sunday
  • February 18 - Roundtable
  • February 23 - February Pack Meeting / Blue & Gold
  • February 27 - District Pinewood Derby
  • April 15-16 - Outdoor Leadership Training

Pack 18 Committee Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 6th 2016 at 7pm

20265 Meyer Drive

Bend, OR

Pack 18's Committee Meeting. If you are a registered adult, part of the committee or an interested parent, come to the Committee meeting to be part of the decision making process for program, budget, and events.

District Round Table

Thursday, Jan. 21st 2016 at 7pm

60800 Tekampe Road

Bend, OR

Always on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the SE Bend LDS Church, they provide participants training for Den meetings and Pack meetings. This is also where you find out about District/Council events and sign up for these items. Everyone is welcome, but it is designed for Den leaders, Cub Masters and Committee Chairman. Make sure at least one participant from the Pack is there monthly.

January Pack Meeting & Pinewood Derby Races

Tuesday, Jan. 26th 2016 at 6pm

60850 Brosterhous Road

Bend, OR

Notice the time: 6pm. We are starting early and the Pack is paying for Pizza. Bring your own drinks though. We will start the night with car check in, followed by pizza, awards, and finally....THE RACES. See below for more information on the Traditional races and the Unlimited races.

Scouting Sunday

Sunday, Feb. 7th 2016 at 8:30pm

60850 Brosterhous Road

Bend, OR

February is scouting month. As such, the first Sunday of February is Scouting Sunday. This is when scouts come to church services in uniform. Pack 18 will be at Nativity Lutheran but you can go to whatever church you wish. You don't have to belong to a religion, but this is a good time to introduce religion and explain what it is. After all, the scouts law reminds us that a Scout is reverent. The Scout Oath reminds us that we "Do our Duty to God and County".

Nativity usually has the scouts usher and welcome the congregation before the 9am service.

District Round Table

Thursday, Feb. 18th 2016 at 7pm

60800 Tekampe Road

Bend, OR

Always on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the SE Bend LDS Church, they provide participants training for Den meetings and Pack meetings. This is also where you find out about District/Council events and sign up for these items. Everyone is welcome, but it is designed for Den leaders, Cub Masters and Committee Chairman. Make sure at least one participant from the Pack is there monthly.

Febuary Pack Meeting / Blue and Gold

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd 2016 at 6pm

60850 Brosterhous Road

Bend, OR

6pm at Nativity Lutheran. This is probably one of the most important Pack meetings of the year. The Blue and Gold, also known as the birthday of Scouting in America, is when we say good bye to our Webelos 2 den as they move on to Boy Scouts (provided by finish their Arrow of Light). We will have a great meal (to be determined at the January Committee Meeting) and celebrate scouts. This event is for the entire family (siblings, scouts and parents). Webelos 2 den can invite grandparents and close family, but give us a count so we know how many to expect.

District Pinewood Derby

Saturday, Feb. 27th 2016 at 10am

61430 South Highway 97

Bend, OR

Races start at 10am so come early for registration. $5 per car. This event is different than in the past...AND MUCH COOLER!!! This year Kendall Toyota has offered up their showroom for the biggest pinewood derby race ever. They are purchasing a state of the art track for these races. COOL!!! Even better, everyone is invited. That's right...everyone that participates in the Pack races are invited to attend the District races.

Webelos 2 den: You can still participate even though you will be Boy Scouts by the time of the race. This is your last event you can attend as a Cub Scout.

Message from your Cubmaster

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you have a Happy New Year. This is my last newsletter as the Pack 18 Cubmaster, stepping down January 1st in preparation to move into Boy Scouts when my son crosses over in February.

Russ White will be taking the position. Most of you probably don't remember, but he was the Cubmaster before me and the person that brought the Pack to life, not existing before him. He will do things different than me, but he has a proven record of doing a good job too. The Pack is in good hands.

During my time as Cubmaster I have witness a lot of growth in every scout, and parent, in the Pack. Being part of Pack 18 since Jack was a Tiger, I have seen a lot of changes for the better. We have a way of doing things and have a set policies that are unsurpassed by other units in our District. We have won awards and have been called on by our District leadership first when they needed help. Be proud of what we have accomplished: I am. I am thankful for everyone of you for without you my son and I probably wouldn't have had the experiences we have had over the years in Cub Scouts. I hope we have been able to do the same for your family.

BSA is a great programs, hence the reason it has lasted over time. Stick with it and as a parent get involved. Parental involvement is the only way to secure your child's success in BSA, and in life. In the process of participating, you both make unrealized and unremarkable memories. I understand now why my parents did what they did for me as a young scout, and continue to support me as a parent.

Thank you for your time spent with the Pack and have a happy and safe Holiday season.

Snowcapdes ... Canceled

Being we were unable to get fees submitted by the deadline (or the second deadline), the Pack has canceled Snowcapades. If you are interested in attending without the Pack, you are welcome to go to the Scout Store with the completed application for your family.

Pinewood Derby - Traditional cars

Every scouts should be participating the Pinewood Derby race. Please have the scout build most of the car (it's their car). The traditional car race needs to meet the following specifications. At check in, these specifications will be verified and the car will not be allowed to race otherwise.

  • Max width: 2 3/4"
  • Max length: 7"
  • Max height: 3 1/4"
  • Max weight: 5 ounces
  • Min width between wheels: 1 3/4"
  • Min clearance between car and track: 3/8"
  • Car must use the provided axles, wheels and block of wood provided by the Pack.
  • No bearings, washers, bushings to be used.
  • Dry lubricant can be used only. Most racers use graphite.
  • Car front should not be pointed as it causes issues with the starting gate.

Prizes will be provided to the top 3 boys of every den and the top 3 winners from the Pack.

You can use the same car at the District Pinewood derby races. The car can be modified but must still meet these specifications.

Pinewood Derby - Unlimited cars

For the first time, Pack 18 will have an unlimited race circuit. Adults can participate in this race. Boys can participate provided they make their traditional car too. The scouts cannot choose to participate in this race without participating the other.


  • No fire.
  • Car must be able to use the same track and same starting/ending gates. Pay attention to the width/length/clearances specifications above....
  • Car will start at the starting line with all the other cars. Figure out how you are going to do it before the race.
  • Pack does not pay for these kits. You can get a pinewood derby kit at the scout store, D's hobbies, Hobbie Lobby, Amazon, and other places. Call around.

That's it. This race is just for fun.

Veterans Day Parade

Thanks for everyone showing up. It means a lot to the Vets, and the family of those who have people in the armed serves. Thanks for taking the time to come out!

Scouting for Food

Pack 18's best collection of food....EVER. We collected 310 pounds of food (yes, we had to weigh it). Nativity Lutheran's Food Pantry was impressed and very thankful for the support by Pack 18. Good job guys!!!

Christmas Parade

Thanks for the adults and boys that came to the Christmas Parade. It was a success and I think everyone had a great time.

Special thanks to Wendy Schrank for leading and organizing it and to Kelly Reynolds for the use of the trailer and hey bales.

Contact us!!

Whether you are looking to join, or you are a member of the Pack and have questions or comment, give us a call or email us at your convenience.

Pack Committee - Thanks to ALL our leaders!

Committee Chairman - Russ White

Cubmaster - Chris Henningsen

Treasurer - Christian Benedict

Advancement Chair - Rachel Cantrell

Fundraiser Chair - Curt Schrank

Secretary - Eric Spinney

Activities Chair - Wendy Schrank & Kim Hughes

Bear Den Leader - Michelle White

Webelos 1 Den Leader - Christian Benedict

Webelos 2 Den Leader - Chris Henningsen


In January 2016, the following leadership changes are occurring....

Cubmaster - From Chris Henningsen to Russ White

Committee Chair - From Russ White to Eric Spinney

Secretary - From Eric Spinney to Kerry Spinney & Kim Mancuso