Ingredients for Success

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Upcoming Events


March 9

  • Happy birthday, Carol and Pat (March 8)
  • Third grade to Hunt Library
  • Timesheets due
  • PLT (led by student teachers; Voya Financial)

March 10

  • Third grade to Hunt Library
  • Central Area Principals' Meeting
  • PAC Meeting (5:30-7:30)
  • Human Growth & Development Parent Information (5:00-6:00)
  • 4th Grade OBX Parent Chaperone Meeting (5:30)

March 11

  • Coffee Talk (8:30-9:30)
  • Parent Ed (9:30-10:15)
  • First in Fitness

March 12

  • Happy birthday, Hoyt!

March 13

  • IRT Meeting
  • Clubs
  • Happy birthday, Mrs. Aziz!


5th Grade Human Growth and Development

March 16

  • Faculty Meeting
  • Dr. Nicki Math PD

March 17

  • Imagine Learning Visit (7:30)
  • DC Parent Meeting (5:30)
  • Magnet Coordinator Meeting
March 18

  • 2nd Grade Field Trip
  • Bracket Breakfast A-L
  • Kelly out for District Training

March 19

  • 2nd Grade Field Trip
  • Bracket Breakfast M-Z
  • Sig Hutchinson (3rd grade/9:20)
  • Principal Meeting

March 20

  • 2nd Grade Field Trip


  • Please meet with your Instructional Coach this week to review their performance to date. Please use the WCPSS TA evaluation as your framework for discussion. If there are any concerns from the coach or teacher, please see an administrator by March 16. Just a reminder- 98% of your instructional coach’s time should be spent working with students.

  • If you know you are going to be out for the Monday-Wednesday of Spring Break, please let Susan know today. Being proactive and finding a sub helps us operate more efficiently
  • Please be mindful not to use your cell phones during the instructional day. If you need to make a call and we want you to, just please step out and do it privately. We will cover your class. I have received an “anonymous” message that way too many of us are using our phones when we should be teaching.
  • PAC night is tomorrow night. Thank you in advance for attending this very worthwhile parent night. Special thanks to our Tier 2 team for making this opportunity possible for our parents. We will begin serving dinner at 5:30pm.
  • You may have heard or will read in the paper today that Title One Funding has been cut for our school for the 2016 school year. We found out Friday and so did our Tier 2 teachers, that we will no longer be a Title One School. We will discuss the implications of this decision during our staff meeting next Monday, March 16. We hope to know more information this week about the impact it will have on us for 2016.

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