Child Abduction and Trafficking

What can we do to help?

Child Abduction in the United States of America: Polly Klaas Foundation

  • Every 40 seconds, a child is kidnapped of abducted.
  • 99.8% of children who go missing, do not return home.
  • Close to 90% of these children have run away, misunderstood directions, gotten lost, or experienced miscommunication.
  • 9% of these children are kidnapped by a family member in a legal custday dispute.
  • 3% are abducted by a non-family member, usually during the commission of an additional crime. Often times, the kidnapper is someone the child knows.

The Polly Klaas Foundation is a Petaluma, California based, national nonprofit organization dedicated to the security and safety of all children, recovery of abducted children, and local policies that protect children everywhere. Make an online donation at or order the Child Safety and Protection Kit to ensure that your child and children around them are always safe!

KlaasKids - Child Safety

Childhood Trafficking in the United States of America: Safe Horizon Foundation

  • Human trafficking is a gross violation of human and child rights. It is the illegal trade of human beings through recruitment or abduction, by means of force, fraud, or fraud, or coercion for the purposed of forced labor or sexual exploitation.
  • An estimated number of 700,000 to 2 million adults and children trafficked each year globally, thousands are trafficked within the US.
The Safe Horizon Trafficking Program maintains a determined approach to fighting the widespread cause of human & childhood trafficking. To start, an intervention that combines an extensive case management and legal and federal services. However, it is recognized that isolated client services will not stop the suffering within human trafficking. Subsequently, this program also offers several ways to solve each individual case, inclusive of education, awareness and fundraising, technical assistance, and training and advocacy to spark change.

To find out more, go to and make a donation online to help those in need!

Human Trafficking in America
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