Christmas in Mexico

By Brooke,Valerie,Ashey,Melina, and Dylan

How to say merry Christmas in Mexico

How you ever wonder how to say Merry Christmas in Mexico? Well don't worry any more, I can tell you how to say it. How you say it is Feliz Navidad.

The Christmas tradition.

From December,16 to Christmas Eve , children often perform the posada processions posadas is in Spanish for inn or lodging. There are nine posada. These celebrations that part of the Christmas story where Joseph and Marry looked for a room in an inn.

Food tradition

Mexican food during Christmas have many colors. Such as, Ensalada de noche. They have beats and letus to get red and green colors. That wil give it the festive look for Christmas. There were other tropical vegetables and fruits in it.
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The decorations

They decorate with,Mexican tin, Blown-glass, hand crafted angels, paint clay ornament, nativity sets, iron, and tin Christmas trees.
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